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H R Giger Quake2 GRM Matrix

MSIE4+ E-Reader Alternatives

GigerQuake Virtual Reality H R Giger Quake II 3d Art Gallery VRML Art Gallery
Inspired by H R Giger Quake2 & The Matrix

The Net's 2nd GRM Contribution from ABC's H R Giger Quake II Graphic Reading Module Matrix H.R. GIGER The Net's 2nd GRM Contribution from ABC's H R Giger Quake II Graphic Reading Module Matrix

Hans Rudi Giger's dark stylizations dictated the look of Alien, Aliens, Alien 3, Aliens: The Resurrection, Species, and Species II, all widely regarded as the most fantastic 20th century sf icons of cinematic pop culture to date. The popularity of all Giger-like "biomechanical" art, and of the virtual reality of computer games such as Quake 2, and of the special effects in films such as The Matrix (and of a great many other high tech entertainments) all seem to tell us that the mere act of reading is mutating as a process. As David Cronenburg's Videodrome says:

"Long Live the New Flesh!"

The Net's Premiere GRM Contribution from ABC's H R Giger Quake II Graphic Reading Module Matrix THE DEATH OF READING The Net's Premiere GRM Contribution from ABC's H R Giger Quake II Graphic Reading Module Matrix

Meanwhile, the paperbook industry is becoming more and more monopolized and sanitized, with newcomer fiction-submissions, especially "e-books", kept off the plate by a few mentally challenged letter openers. Before the mega-takeovers narrowed the paper trail to the top to a crack in the ceiling, some agents and publishers did try e-bookery, pinning their paper-paged hopes on those cute little hand-held readers, drowning us in an electronic-but-boring shroud of black text on white. With this anemic acumine, they white-washed and gave away almost every public domain classic ever written, sucking the identity/dignity out of each, while burying the humanitarian electronic promise of an evolved reading process.


I shall be suggesting here, via several book projects, something I call "graphic reading modularization"). Ironically, our having all these public domain works at our grave-digging fingertips could be somewhat providential -- but only if we use this resource to make effective tribute to the painstaking sacrifices of the original wordsmiths, by taking this promise all the way. A device like, say, Paul Mennega's non-commercial Public Domain Reader, while somewhat Frankensteinian in its auto-reactivating of the brains of the dead (for the benefit of mankind), could become a valuable spade in developing this process.



The marketing structure for enhanced electronic text, let alone for anything like "graphic reading modularization", just does not exist. So, to that invisible Diaspora of inspired science fiction / science fantasy designer-writers who would take cyber-writing "to the max", I offer this site as a place for showcasing such projects as a non-commercial venture toward establishing Graphic Reading as a literary genre. So, first... the visual experiences which inspired Annabel Blue Cannibal, the first completed Graphic Reading Module.


GIGER.COMFree Download - blaxxun contact virtual reality VR 3D Chat Rooms / Non-Chat Client Macabre fantasy affords most rational minds a healthy departure, "opening the gates" for additional floods of input -- let's see whether or not my choices of H.R. Giger works in the...

GigerQuake 3d art gallery / VRML art gallery tribute

can't leave you, as "a visiting friend of the GRM Matrix"... transfixed! -- displays in VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language) Browsers -- best results / designed using MSIE 5 and Cortona Client (click above link for free browser plug-in download / installation!).

GNU General Public License (image of a Philosophical GNU]This non-commercial free use of certain Quake II-source materials is protected by GNU General Public License.

Since 1999, GNU's GPL has been supported by Quake II's parent company id Software Inc., whose open source policy concerning free, non-commercial usage can be found here


Quake is that bold virtual reality pixel-shooter from id Software, which has remodelled the macabre fantastic into a virtual reality three-dimensional (3d) experience (not to mention Doom and Tomb Raider).

Free Download - blaxxun contact virtual reality VR 3D Chat Rooms / Non-Chat ClientGet another taste of the expansive and ingeniously designed Quake II environment, at a showcase of art created for my Graphic Reading Module Annabel Blue Cannibal, in the

AnnaQuake: An H R  Giger Quake II Matrix inspired virtual reality 3d art VRML art gallery best viewed in Cortona Client (links below)
AnnaQuake 3d art gallery / VRML art gallery

also designed using MSIE 5 and the free Cortona Browser (download above). Actually. being as its design did precede and provide a kind of "floor plan" for placing H.R. Giger's works in the GigerQuake VRML virtual reality 3d art gallery environment above, the comparison is somewhat illuminating.