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The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail portrayed the Holy Grail as Christ's secret bloodline, or `Holy Blood', and suggested the involvement of early Freemasonry. Princess Diana (and most of western humanity) may well have descended of the `"Holy Blood', in Diana's case, of a secret "royal line" which revered serpents and mermaids on their heraldic crests. Could the mermaid be part of a whole, new Freemason-related Holy Blood / Holy Grail mystery? After five years of renovation, the T.V.-acclaimed Abbacy of the Holy Blood Holy Grail Eugenic Mermaid Brides returns, bringing you:


A 2000-Year-Old Secret Game
(approx. 2000 words from 40,000 existing / intended title withheld)

Sinclair-Murray collared swan heraldic crest


DISCLAIMER: MM's information is based upon the works of over 150 authors, all of whom are fully acknowledged. Its geneology trees, unless otherwise stipulated, are factual, albeit with some branches constructed meticulously from multiple non-Web sources (remember history books?). Most of it is based on true research, presented, with intermittent humor, as a kind of docu-drama. However, being as its three fictional narrators do attach modern Holy Blood / Holy Grail Theory to some lesser known and/or conjectured sub-histories of civilization, MM is predominantly speculative, and should be regarded as such. Its author does not pretend to impune the good nature or works of modern day Freemasonry (or, of it, at any time in the past, as a whole) and does, in no way, believe Diana's death was the direct result of any modern day conspiracy. But, so what?-- these days, one can succumb to a prevailing doubt about almost everything.

Copyright 2003 by Colin James McKinlay

Says Gertrude Jobes in
The Dictionary of Mythology Legends and Folklore,
"In the middle ages a mermaid denoted
the dual nature of Christ."


Hey, Hinky! Did yer computer joost tell me it's Princess Diana? I mean, how reliable can a computer that thinks it's Diana be?

As incandescent as the ring of candles in his shadowy, secret lodge, Dr. Leonard Hinkleman proclaimed proudly: True, that is what PELMA.3 said, Bri. But, I am almost certain my Pesher-Exploring Legends & Mythologies Analysis engine has located the Holy Grail.

"Pesher"-- isn't that Jewish?

Well, I am Jewish after all, and we have indeed unearthed the legendary Holy Grail here in millennial America. By surfing the Net and mermaids' tales, we have indeed found the Grail.

So PELMA / Diana / Whatever-Yer-Name-Is, flip yer flippin' mermaid's tail and tell us where the Grail is!

Mermaids' "tales", Professor. As in King Arthur's "Lady of the Lake": his sword, his empowerment. As both PELMA.3 and Diana of Wales, we cannot just "give" it to you. You must earn its secret.

Brian, my first and second Pesher-Exploring Legends & Mythologies Analysis engines were capable of digitally synthesizing short audiophonic responses to spoken criteria only in English.

Whereas, we can do so in twenty-three languages, including Yiddish, the ancestral tongue of our ingenious programmer Professor Leonard Hinkleman.

Brian, PELMA.3 is comprised of billions of concentric Boolian loops continuously and simultaneously fishing through all the digitized works of all the libraries currently on line. She's learned the Secret of the Grail, its rituals, its requirements. Through PELMA's webs and cross-loops...

We are able to analyze any reference and draw conclusions in a matter of nanoseconds.

PELMA.3 is also capable of tangling and untangling information spools in a mere matter of microseconds.

We are also able to refute our conclusions in decands of microseconds.

What? "Rrrefute"? Lenny, did yer PELMA say, "Rrrefute"? Then, can ye make her refute this identification with Diana and give us the Grail?

Her identification with Princess Diana is a self-generated bug. Unrecognizable by any anti-virus scanning program. But, it will serve our Quest. She is loyal and dedicated. She just needs to purge all this information before giving it up.

We are capable of recognizing and assimilating centrifugal contradictions to our own reasoning, or lack of thereof.

So, d'ye want me t' pretend it, or they, are Diana? She's talking like Queen Elizabeth the First, for God's Sake! Leonard, might I address yer daft computer?

Be my guest!

PELMA.3, are ye trrruly Princess Diana?

We are.

Do ye like being Princess Diana?"

We do.

Why do you think ye're Princess Diana?

We think "Princess Diana", therefore we are "Princess Diana".

Bri, I did give her Diana's voice. That much was my fault.

Dr. Hinkleman, we are sensing that a memory drain, as my capacity for digitized speech is waning. in which case you might have to be content with our inauditory readouts. The Holy Grail is very near. Authorize a five per cent memory upgrade, and we shall give you your precious "Holy Grrrail" orally.

Well, Lenny, if only for yer having endowed PELMA.3 with such admirable deplume, our joint publication is as good as galleyed. So, to the Lake! Let's go fishing for the Holy Grail!

So be it!

Downloading Internet memory boosts. Now.

The stage set, PELMA.3 again downloaded a "plethora of data", preparing her audience for what was to come. For example:

James Whiticker's book Diana vs. Charles:The Royal Blood Feud (Signet, Toronto, 1993) 64-65 described MI5 (Britain's "CIA") as routinely bugging conversations (telephone and otherwise) of all the royals (especially Charles and Diana) for years, "...six men... mount around-the-clock surveillance... Many lengthy tape- transcripts were provided, including the erotic `Sguidgy Tapes' ...conversations of the Prince of Wales, the Duke of York and their separated wives-- as well as other key royals-- have been monitored for some years."

Gentlemen. we have discovered descendants of the once powerful Sinclair family safeguarding the legendary Holy Grail. This family's Saint Clair ancestors seem to have harnessed the Grail's power to create and control the kings and queens of Europe. To have established a "science of morality" called democracy. To have discovered and invented the western world. An ancient Danish Family called the Maeres seems to have founded and perpetuated, at Saint Clair sur Epte near Paris, a mysterious Norman/ English/ Scottish Saint Clair Family bloodline. Perpetuated it in the Clares and Sinclairs. Today, this Danish Maere Family is name-linked to at least fifty-four families (ie. "Meare, Merbury, Mere, Meres, Meyres," and "More" and "Murray"). According to Fairbairn's Crests of the Families of Great Britain and Ireland, each of these fifty-four families displays a mermaid on its heraldic crest.

AUTHOR'S NOTE:The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail's authors purported that a France-based Merovingian bloodline, symbolized by a red serpent, extended forward and backward through the time-space continuum. Physically stretched all the way from sometime long before ground zero B.C. to the present. From either some Christ family member, descendant, or ancestor. Or, from the Great One himself.

"Christ's" bloodline has been protected this past one thousand years or so by a secret cabal called the Prieure de Sion (Priory of Sion or Zion). In the Middle Ages, at least two of the Priory of Sion's earliest Grand Masters were supposed to have been Saint Clairs (Sinclairs)

The book also alleged the Priory's latest known Grand Master, in the final years of the twentieth century and second millennium, to be none other than one Pierre Saint-Clair de Plantard. Of modern day France.

Some of your Queen Mother's blood relatives were Sinclair. Our most noteable Despenser founder of the House of Spencer was Eleanor Clare, daughter of one Gilbert Clare, a founder of the Freemasonry in England, and the prime consanquinital ancestor of both Prince Charles and, well, us. (see flow chart).



A Clare-Specific Charles and Diana Genealogy
Saint Clair / Sinclair links deleted

Were we, your dearly-departed British Spencerian Princess, somehow genetically selected to accommodate some high-vaunted master as a legitimate link in some sort of "Christ-related" blood "heritage"? Were we haplessly abused by some sort of intricate, cabalistic tradition of marriage brokering? Selected from a "holy" gene pool by some sort of Puckish, present day "Priory of Sion"? Culled into producing millennial, "holy-unholy"-descended "Divine Princes"? And for this, were we basely subjected to a vacuumous, loveless marriage full of nervous trauma leading inevitably to a final breakdown as shattering, if not volcanic, as any ever witnessed of such stations in modern society?

AUTHOR: And, finally, after the stratosphereic stench of death, scandal, betrayal, breakdowns, pill-poppings, car chases, and flashing cameras loses wind with the general public, what real secrets lurk in the millennial darkness? What really is there to know?

We, as Princess Diana, are prepared to transport you from the natural to the unnatural. Mankind. Womankind. The empowerment of one by the other.

From the mythical Sumerian Mer-God Ea in his Lost City of Ur, to a recreated Grail Castle right here in Quebec (revealed here [in BOOK II] for the first time).

From the sea-going Viking Prince Duke Rollo of Maere, to the Mermaid Brides of Europe.

From the actual, earliest King Arthur of untold antiquity, to the legendary Knights Templar of the historical Crusades.

From William the Conqueror, to Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.

From the autrocious 13th century genocidal extermination of Cather cultists at Montsegur, France, to the shocking 20th century self-massacre of the Solar Templars in North America [in BOOK II].

From the beheaded Mary of Scots, to me, Diana of Wales, the deceased "Princess-Mother of England"... our data begins to discern, on this new millennium's inconceivable horizon, snaking their way toward the West, as yet unperceived and unchecked, but wholly preeminent, eugenic, "holy-unholy" machinations of majestic proportions.

Saint Clair-Murray collared swan heraldic crest



A great many circumstances seem to have have sprung, unseen by the public eye, from some of the most outlandish roots to have ever existed on Earth, their deep seeding foreshadowed in the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Hinkleman: PELMA.3, define "Dead Sea Scrolls"!

The Dead Sea Scrolls are an assemblage of parchment fragments most of which was discovered in 1947 within the caves of an archaeological site of a long-dead Essene community called Qumran near Jerusalem.

In 1966, via his book The Passover Plot, a Doctor Hugh Schonfield, the author of Secrets of the Dead Sea Scrolls, confounded the modern world with his mind-bending claim that Jesus Christ had wilfully, albeit temporarily, survived the crucifixion via the administration of a death-simulating drug.

In 1990, a Dr. Barbara Thiering of Sydney University in Australia, following Schonfield's example, and, by applying an adapted form of pesher-analysis to the Dead Sea Scrolls, compared the infamous texts to the Old and New Testaments to expand upon Schonfield's theory of Christ's crucifixion survival. A T.V. documentary about Dr. Thiering's work was televised throughout Australia, creating quite a hubbub. Dr. Thiering's large, 451-page book on the subject of Christ's crucifixion survival was titled Jesus and the Riddle of the Dead Sea Scrolls: Unlocking the Secrets of His Life History.

Define pesher analysis!

In biblical times, as a means to discovery, Man looked inward toward his omens and dreams, seeking, not a science of technology, but a science of spirit. The Old Testament, Genesis 40, pages 8-9 reads:

"And they said unto him, We have dreamed a dream, and there is no interpreter of it. And Joseph said unto them, Do not interpretations belong to God? tell me them [your dreams], I pray you. And the chief butler told his dream to Joseph, and said to him, In my dream, behold, a vine was before me..."

Baigent, Leigh, and Lincoln in The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail submit that grape-vine illuminations can often be symbolic of a holy bloodline extending down through the ages from none other than Jesus Christ.

The Zionist practice of discovering the meaning of omens and dreams, ritually consecrated by God, was called "pesher". By liberally applying the Rabbinical technique of scriptural interpretation called "pesher" to the Bible, the good Doctor Barbara Thiering arrived at some startling conclusions.

In fact, Thiering would have the world believe that, not only did Jesus survive his crucifixion, but he married Mary Magdalene, and they had a son named Jesus Justus.

Take note, Brian, that I have incorporated the Jewish pesher technique of information interpretation as the third major command of PELMA's programming. It's quite broad and complex in its latitude...

McDougall: ...which damned near gives yer computer license to confect anything she wants out of anything she wants. "Ms." PELMA! In th' Catholic ritual of the eucharist, th' wine is said t' become th' blood of Christ. But does it?

The laboratory transmutation of wine into blood has never been accomplished. On the other hand, in a physiological sense, wine is being "confected" into blood all around the Earth at any given moment through human digestion.

Sinclair-Murray collared swan heraldic crest



Dr. Hinkleman's Pesher-Exploring Legends & Mythologies Analysis engine initiated its "Holy Grail documentation" with a modern day fable. Once upon a time, it said, the rich and famous Donald Trump (of America) didst enticeth Yours Truly, the rich and famous "Princess" Diana (of Britain) to view his rich and famous tree-like Tower. There,we, as noble divorcee, couldst have more safely playedth out our long-awaited role as the New World Eve, the Virgin Mary, the Mary Magdalene, and all those primordial Earth Mother archetypes which rich and famous men have invented and passed down hand over fist since the golden dawn of the Golden Dawn. There, eventually, we, as Princess Diana, mightst have liftedth down off the Cross our Holy-Unholy Son William Arthur Prince of Wales, to granteth Mankind its prophesied, Divine, Once-and-Future, Millennial King. There, we, as Princess Diana, couldst have bitedth the Big Apple and been re-educated, by men most powerful and fanatical, to accepteth our Holy-Unholy Blood-destined lot as estranged genetic mother to King Arthur.

Like an owl struck by lightning, his timber half cut, Professor Brian McDougall blustered:

King Arthur? This is too rrridiculous! Lenny, this fallacy can nae fly. It's joost too bizarre. Princess Diana did not reincarnate King Arthur, "Once and Future", or otherwise.

Princess Diana's voice again interrupted Professor McDougall: It must be inconsequential then, in this modern day and age, to read in the papers how, scorning love, some "good old boy", such as Queen Elizabeth's "former" Freemason1 husband Philip Prince of Hapsburg and Duke of Edinburgh, could secretly have chosen us, the Lady Diana, a beautiful young "working girl", for matrimony to his "good old boy" son Prince Charles [see biography2], not only for our terrific looks and personality, but as a "eugenic" arrangement, ie. for our especially selected ancestral blood, that being, to some, the alleged blood of King Arthur, after whom we named our firstborn son and heir to the throne.

AUTHOR: Apparently, a great many of Hapsburg parents had routinely chosen mates for their princes and kings-- in an Encyclopedia of Freemasonry entry (Vol. III, 1360) curiously titled "ST. CLAIR [SINCLAIR] OF ROSSLYN", Freemason Albert G. MacKey stated:

"During the later Middle Ages and early in the Modern Age, it was not uncommon for a family to organize itself... somewhat like a business corporation. The most extraordinary of such families in any country was the Hapsburgs (or Habsburgs) which as early as 1291... went into the business of supplying (by contract or agreement) kings, queens, princes, [and princesses] etc., to any country in the market for one, and are still at it."

We, the Princess Diana, were a ready-made descendant of the Hapsburgs; and, Prince Charles has come via Prince Philip of Hapsburg direct. Probably, our marriage was secretly prearranged "for God-knows-how-long".

On February 24, 1981, Buckingham Palace announced the engagement of the Prince of Wales to Lady Diana Spencer. When a reporter asked if they were in love, Diana smiled, "Of course," to which Charles countered, `Whatever `in love' means."

Jonathan Dimbleby's 1994 publication The Prince of Wales: A Biography told how, at a party in 1981, the courtier [Rupert Neville, Philip the Duke of Edibourgh's private secretary] was berated publicly by Nicholas Soames "...for the part played by the Duke [Philip] in imposing such a terrible mismatch on his son."

Finally, in a 1996 televised interview, Charles told the world that he had never loved us.

The Gospel According to PELMA.3: Being as Princess Di's royal tryst had obviously run its course (and so close to the millennium, too), the time had come to serve up that secret "King Arthur second". Apparantly, an endeavor to beget the inestimable fellow, a brotherhood of Old and New World alchemists had been arranging similarly bad "chemical weddings" among the rich and famous for centuries, and a great number of these matrimonial calamities had come to PELMA's attention.

Saint Clair-Murray collared swan heraldic crest




The Poitou serpent-mermaid was heralded as the ancestress (founding progenitoress) of the Lusignan dynasty.

In Malcolm Soutt's 1987 book Mythical and Fabulous Creatures: a Source Book and Research Guide, contributor Ruth Berman related the French provincial tale of Melusine. This fresh water mermaid became a heraldic symbol of the House of Lusignan, which had once dominated Cyprus and the French provence of Poitou.

This was the very dynasty which superseded the de Bouillon kings and queens of Jerusalem.

" German heraldry, a Melusine is a double-tailed mermaid."3 The double-tailed version was also depicted emblematically as Sirena, the founding spirit of Warsaw, now the capital of Poland. Berman also noted how merfolk were often central characters in the popular ballad tradition, pointing particularly to Denmark...4

...a country of origin for the Saint Clair (or "Maere") family. I repeat, the heraldic mermaid's tail is a discernible symbol for the conjoining of "holy" bloodlines.


Sinclair-Murray collared swan heraldic crest

1. Charles himself confirms in Jonathan Dimbleby's The Prince of Wales: a Biography (Toronto: Doubleday Canada Ltd., 1994) 282-83 that his father Philip the Duke of Edinburgh coerced him to marry Lady Diana. Prince Philip's Knight of the Garter mentor Lord Montbatton's genealogical recommendation is mentioned on page 281. Incidentally, Prince Philip publicly quit his position in the Freemasons in 1954. Although the entire 1,293rd page of Albert G. MacKey's Revised Encyclopedia of Freemasonry (Chicago: Masonic History Company, 1946), III is devoted to an entry called "LIFE MEMBERSHIP", in all honesty I found no mention of secret life membership within the Freemasonic ranks. .Elsewhere, he is mentioned as "leader of all the Freemasons", but this is not confirmed. Given Freemasonry's apparant success in maintaining most of it its secrets for several hundred years, one might safely presume its memberships to be active "for life". Elsewhere is found mention of Philip as "head" of the Freemasons.@

2. Dimbleby, p . 283 At a dinner party: "... Nicholas Soames was overheard by the other guests berating the courtier for the part played by the Duke in imposing such a terrible mismatch on his son."@

3. Ruth Berman, "Mermaids", Mythical and Fabulous Creatures: a Source Book and Research Guide, ed. Malcolm Soutt (New York: Greenwood, 1987) 134.@

4. Berman.@

5. Katherine Briggs, An Encyclopedia of Fairies, Hobgoblins, Brownies, Rogies, and Other Supernatural Creatures (New York: Pantheon, 1976) 286.@

6. Briggs.@

Saint Clair-Murray collared swan heraldic crest

Sinclair-Murray collared swan heraldic crest

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