Colin James McKinlay-- Originator of "Graphic Reading"

"Graphic Reading is the experience of reading scrolling text against an unobtrusive, slow scrolling or undulating background. It is my belief that it engages the reader's subconcious in a harmless manner which enriches the reading process." -- CJM

I guess just about all of us (almost all our lives) have been riding a wave of ground-breaking technologies. After graduating from Simon Fraser University, my once-"radical" alumni during the Vietnam War, I designed language lab cassette tapes at teacher colleges in far-away Thailand. Next, I helped bring computer instruction to remote Canadian Native communities.

Now, I am showcasing classic literature and some of my own writings in what I call "Graphic Reading Modules", a superficial but painstaking modification (of a popular ebook format) which, I believe, "biomechanically" optimizes, via a right-brain / left brain dynamic, the reading process.

In 1986, I wrote and locally self-distributed a short novel about a test missile crash. When a test missile did crash, as test missiles are apt to do, an Edmonton Sun reporter suggested in his column that I was a prophet-- small town, that Edmonton!

I then moved to Montreal, adopted a nom de plume, and spent several years writing some speculative histories re: Princess Diana and some other celebrities, now evidenced under my actual name in my GRM MM: Matrix of the Monarchy (ONLINE) Then, Princess Diana died, and my website, then titled Abbacy of the Holy Blood / Holy Grail Eugenic Mermaid Brides (under the nom-de-plume), was linked from a "World's 60 Greatest Conspiracies" Diana- assassination page and hailed on Paramount's nationally televised U.S. news magazine Strange Universe (The Fox Network) as one of the Internet's "ten best and/or strangest paranormal websites".

What a life!

Hence, in my self-written Science Fiction e-trilogy The Annabel Chronicles (ONLINE) Earth's apocalypse is entirely unpredictable, festooned, as it is, with bald, blue, cannibal women who seem to either spoof or defy just about every near-future prophesy I have ever encountered.

Regretably, now that the Matrix of the Monarchy and Annabel Blue Cannibal modules are fully designed, marketing them could jeopardize free web-indexing with say, Google-- see website Annabel's Graphic Reading Module Matrix

Financing is the major concern--- in developing the GRM and authoring the MM and Annabel trilogies, I, a 57 year-old former teacher of reading with health issues, have become a chronic candidate for welfare, a condition which needs to be reversed. Even so, the templates cannot yet be shared.

Although my website is distributing for free The Time Machine ONLINE DOWNLOAD, GRM versions of Frankenstein, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and Dracula may still be waiting to be uploaded-- even though an additional 10 gig of web space is just $16 per month, that's how tight it is! Any donation to keep the Graphic Reading Project alive would be appreciated, Should your patronage prove considerable, and your e-mail address be enclosed, I will thank you personally (hopefully acknowledging you in print some day), and keep you informed of developments.

If this tact is successful, I will upload several other MM and ABC GRMs -- once-every-month. And, of course, I shall continue to seek publication of the The Matrix of the Monarchy in book / CD format.

Again, the public domain text classics, you may copy and pass around non-commercially! Use them in schools! However, the titles and excerpted text of my self-written works (in GRM format or not) are not public domain. Them, and the visual and choreographic designs of all these GRM's, remain the sole property of myself. Pernission is granted use them, with discretion, on a non-commercial basis, as well.

Thank you for your interest. If you are online, you may initiate the DOWNLOADS below (if their web-hosting has been achieved). Be forwarned that an inactive link may return a blank page.






The Annabel Chronicles, Annabel's Graphic Reading Module Matrix, Matrix of the Monarchy, Abbacy of the Holy Blood / Holy Grail Eugenic Mermaid Brides Copyright 2003 by Colin James McKinlay