Attaching Bowls and Plates to the lathe.

When it comes to attaching bowls to the lathe one wants to make the attachment as secure as possible but also as uninvasive as possible. I use faceplates and screws for turning the bottom. Then I use a screw chuck or I glue the sanded surface to a False faceplate made of hard wood. Using hotmelt glue is fast and effective and the (excess) glue is easily removed if it is frozen first (stick the piece in the freezer) or use Varsol to dissolve and soften the glue.

Attaching plates to the lathe I use a different strategy. I made myself a large chuck which uses a wedge to expand some nails in to a groove that I cut in the bottom of the plate. The groove is great for the customer who wants to hang the finished plate on a nail or hook in the wall.

John Williams

Wood Turning - Attaching work to the lathe

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At left is a picture of the nailchuck. The bottom of the plate is shown (to the bottom right) with the groove in which the chuck nails project. The discus shaped plate on the nail chuck pulls the nails apart as the thumb screw is tightened thus holding the plate against the bowl of the chuck.