Its a blurred wall of swirling cascading guitars washing over dirty jungle/d'n'b/electronica beats, delicate angelic male/female vocals, rolling baselines and soundscapes that take the listener to far off places. Canadian Blissbeat.

Originally conceived as a vehicle for his ambient guitar and loop work, Isabel's Dream is the brainchild of Toronto-based musician Michael Ulrich. Beginning in 1997 as a series of experiments involving his cassette four-track and home computer, the project gradually took on a life of its own, and soon programmed beats began to surface from beneath the steady wash of guitar. The sound was further refined during the summer of 1999, when Ulrich invited his friend Rachel Keeler to add her voice to the mix. He then recorded and released his debut 'Monomara' E.P.(Out Now) on Aporia Records.

Through out this period, Ulrich had been corresponding regularly with Scott Cortez of Lovesliescrushing, keeping him informed about the Isabel's Dream experiments. With the encouragement of Cortez, Ulrich continued to evolve and develop his sound into what Cortez has dubbed "blissbeat."  In addition to providing this type of moral support, the relationship between Cortez and Ulrich has resulted in plans for a collaborative project that will likely appear in the near future under the name Monocroma.