Nachtmusik Afghans was registered with the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) in 1987 to Ed Granger. The kennel name is also registered with the German Kennel Club and Federation Canine International (FCI) to Ed & Johanna Granger. The kennel name means "Night Music" in German and we have been blessed with wonderful night music from our international family. Together, Johanna and I have over 60 years experience with our beloved chosen breed. Both Johanna and I ran boarding kennels and grooming businesses in the Maritimes of Canada and met through dog shows. We competed against one another in the show ring and in 1989 combined our talents and became man and wife. I was living in Germany at the time and Johanna joined me shortly after the wedding. We enjoyed showing, racing and coursing Afghan Hounds in many countries of Europe until our return to Canada in 1995.  Since returning to Canada we’ve enjoyed country living until amalgamation made us part of the big city of Ottawa, Canada.

Presently, there are six hounds residing with us, three males and three females. The ma dog is from England (Izmar kennel) and has Swedish (El Khyria's), Finnish (Choice), Australian (Fermoy), American (Phalavi) and English (Izmar) heritage. The pa dog hails from Australia, Gengala kennels. Theother three are the progeny of SEXY & Dick.

We showed in Denmark, Belgium, Holland, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Yugoslavia, Croatia and Slovenia and were known as the "crazy Canadians." The title was earned from traveling far and wide in various weather conditions to dog shows and racing/lure coursing events. Something that is common place here but not done in Europe by the majority of the dog owners. The majority of Europeans still class dog shows, racing and other events as a hobby. The enjoyment and camaraderie are obvious at dog shows in various countries. North American attitudes were starting to take hold on dogdom in Europe and the atmosphere at dog events was changing to the stressed environment of the do anything for the win North Americans. What a pity!

Our little "SEXY" girl (CH Izmar Perfect Ten) arrived on Thursday, Dec 05, 1996. She emerged from the crate tail wagging and full of love and affection. She won our hearts from that moment and has only endeared herself to us more since then. SEXY has found her place among the rest of the pack and is now the "THE MOM".  The dogs tear around the yard together and SEXY learned not to bark when squirrels & other varmints that catch her eye. This way she gets to chase them without the others spoiling her fun, for a little while at least. She loves (lunch anyone) those crazy little black squirrels that tease the dogs from high in the trees.  SEXY found her spot when it's lay down time and won't relinquish it to any other dog. She still enjoys the outdoors but for an old Dam the house is the best place.  She was allowed to do a little lure coursing practice and decided that a twelve year old doesn’t need to run the whole course to show they still have the instinct.  She’s turned into quite the bossy bitch but she’s a joy to have. She still tries teaching the three kids manners and will play with them when the mood strikes her. She is a wonderful old girl and enjoys her haircut as she does NOT have to spend more than ten minutes on the table now.

We thank Anita Doe and Alan Ledger for sending us this wonderful girl. Once more we acquired an Afghan Hound, sight unseen (only photos), and have not been disappointed. SEXY is another one of these little devils that has "666" somewhere on her body. Once more thanks Anita and Alan, she's a wonderful bundle of fun and deserves her name. SEXY finished her Canadian Show Championship the summer of 1999 after a very limited show career. She has defeated champions of record and taken a few BOBs on her journey to Championhood. Well done Johanna & SEXY!!!Sexy pedigree

CH Gengala Surprise Attack FCh, JC, hails from Australia. His call name is Dick and he lived up to it by destroying his crate-mounted watering system on the first attempt to ship him to us. He must've heard Jim, Louise and Mary talking about the snow we have in Canada and the below zero temperatures so decided to try and winter in warmer climes. It didn't work and he made the long trip (22 hours) in spite of his sabotage attempts after a method to ensure he couldn't destroy the watering system was devised. Poor boy, there was a 40 to 60 degree difference between Australia's summer temperature and the Canadian winter temperatures. There was much to learn as Dick went from being a kennel dog to a house dog. After a brief "NO" period he learned about the house. He was fascinated by the TV and thought the cat was a really neat toy. He loves the snow and buries his head in it and makes "SNOW AFGHANS." Being personable is hard work!!! Dick's a great help in the yard. He directs roof snow removal and helps level out the pile. He shows me where the piles of leaves should go and at times helps flatten them out.  He's discovered the best spots on the furniture and how to push the boss to her limit without causing a negative reaction. Thanks to Jim, Mary & Louise for their training skills, show training was only required to get Johanna & Dick working as a team. BTW Jim, he doesn't jump up and try humping anymore. However, he knows how to cruise the counter very well. Thanks again to all the folks at Gengala Kennels for sending us this wonderful little man. Dick has a following at the shows. Many people comment on his attitude and conformation. He finished his Canadian Championship and was not defeated in his class while doing so. In fact, he always went winners dog at all the shows he was entered in. Dick has started his climb to fame in the USA.  He has 15 points and one major but we abandoned that plan after people started pulling their dogs so the major would be broken.  He’s also finished his Lure Coursing Championship in Canada and is pointed in the USA.  BTW, he’s also a great guard dog at the house and still loves his favorite squeaky toy, LURE, the cat.  At the 2002 AHCA National Specialty Dick placed fifth in the Open Class and third in the Open Stake at the AKC Lure Coursing. Dick is the father of our last litter. There were three girls and six boys. He's a great dad and almost got his face ripped off a few times for being too curious too soon. Even at five years of age the kids tear around and roll dad on the ground. He is a great dad and loves his kids. Honey is the apple of his eye and they will nuzzle and cuddle. At times they will whisper sweet nothings into each other's ears. Wonder what they're saying???  Dick's Pedigree

SBISS, BIS, Multi RBIS, Multi Group Winning Cdn/Am/CFC CH Nachtmusiks Spirit Warrior, J.C., Spirit to his buddies, is one of the three pups we kept from the Jan 2003 SEXY/Dick litter. Spirit is a larger copy of his dad and moves like a dream. Of course he moves even faster when there's food involved. Spirit finished his Canadian Championship when he was 9.5 months old and matured nicely in attitude and conformation since then. He started Lure Coursing and continues to gain points toward his Canadian FCh. He was the slowest to physical mature of the litter but they say good things come to those who wait. He proved that by earning his Am CH in two weekends & his CFC CH in three shows. Spirit enjoys playing with his two sisters and rolls his dad around every now and then. His favorite playmate is Honey and she enjoys beating up on her big brother. Spirit has a new buddy - Kash, more on him later. Spirit enjoys showing and recently we had a few professional handlers ask if they could take him on the road.  Spirit continues to be shown by Elaine Paquette or Jan Plank.  Thanks Elaine & Jan, he really likes you both.  Oh yes, he still has puppy brain.Spirit pedigree

CH Nachtmusiks Special Edition FCh, J.C., Ellie by choice, choice of Johanna. Ellie is the smallest of the litter and is scented. She's taking after her mom and has learned to steal quicker than her mom. Ellie is more a house dog and even more a bed dog. If she's not lounging around with Johanna then she's up in bed laying with the cat. Ellie loves Lure Coursing and has shown she's a true bitch. Ellie is a bird dog and assists in keeping the yard free of all trespassers. She's a great alarm system and nothing gets by her. Right now Ellie is desperately trying to be a "smooth" Afghan Hound, easier on the grooming sessions. She's cute, smart and blonde, every man's dream or is it?? Ellie pedigree

CH Nachtmusiks Taste of Honey FCH, J.C., HONEY to all, is a true Afghan Hound. She chooses who she lets touch her and when. From this you should be able to surmize that Honey is the "BOSS BITCH" including over her mom. Honey loves to play in the yard with her brother and rolls her dad around as well. She is a great herding dog as well. She herds Spirit & Ellie into a corner and keeps them there with just a glance every now and then. She is a huntress extraordinaire, having captured the wayward cat that wandered into HER yard and recently almost dispatched one of those pesky squirrels that throw their empty walnut husks at her and the others. Honey has shown her prowess on the coursing field. Honey is also a great therapy dog. She goes to the Carp Farmer's Market every Saturday and to the Antrim Truck Stop Flea Market every Sunday she's home. She lets the children love and hug her and rewards them with kisses and rubs. Honey likes to rub against people like a cat, a trait she gets from SEXY. BTW, Honey is also scented!! Honey pedigree

Introducing LURE. Lure is an exotic long hair female that was ten weeks old when we took her home on 01 Sep 97. She was introduced to the dogs at the Greyhound Club of Canada Lure Coursing weekend and all got along fine. She was used to dogs so there was no problem on her end. The problem is with the little British lady, SEXY. She thinks it's a neat squeaky toy. Someone referred to the cat as a one time squeaky. She took the five hour ride home very well and immediately made herself at home. She loves to tease/play with the dogs and has discovered all of the safe hiding places. On day two she negotiated the stairs and made her first appearance in the computer room. More nooks and crannies to explore!! LURE is the constant companion of our dogs at all dog events we attend when we take the trailer, just like the long haired Persian we had in Germany.


SEXY's New Toy

Now how did we settle on a name like LURE for a cat. Very simple. Johanna wouldn't go for "BAIT" even though that's what she's been to SEXY,  Dick and the kids. She keeps baiting them and disappearing behind things that they can't get their heads into. Guess that's one advantage these North American Afghan Hounds have over others. Pin heads to reach into those hard to get at spots. Since she was picked up at a Lure Coursing Trial and it was funny watching the dogs chase her around the house. It was decided that she could be the training lure for SEXY during the winter. Voila, a cat named LURE. Don't fret. When she's had enough she finds a nice safe, quiet spot and relaxes. When she wants to play she attacks the dogs to get them going, especially when they're sleeping. So, it's a two way street for them. Once more the Nachtmusik gang has a cat that thinks it's a dog. Oh yes, she loves dog food!  Remember, some people refer to Afghan Hounds as “cats in dog suits!!”



Ch Jennifer el Dooraunee Aug 89 - Aug 00


One of the best Ambassadors the breed has ever had. Jenny lives on in our hearts and will be reborn again.


Keafalari's Harvey Wallbanger Jun 88 - Feb 01


Harvey was a great spectator and cheering section for our racers. He never did great at shows but was part of our happy family. He will remain with us for a long time to come.

Ch Kyra-Dominho el Dooraunee FCh Aug 89 - Jan 02

Kyra was my special girl and a great boss bitch. She showed us how much an Afghan Hound could show love and happiness while still portraying the true image a class dog should. I'll miss you Kyra and will always remember your love of life and the family.

Multi-BISS Multi-Ch Karnak Cedar FCh Apr 92 - Mar 03


Leo was a great showman and contributed to the gene pool of Europe in a very positive way. He loved life and was loved by many. Good Bye old friend, you filled our lives with so much happiness!!!

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