National Animal Poison Control Center (USA)
Albert Heim Foundation for Canine Research (Switzerland) [long download but worth it]
Hereditary Health Problems
Articles on Various Canine Diseases
Molecular Genetics of Hip Dysplasia
PennHipp Method of Diagnosing Hip Dyspalsia
The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals - Specific Site Problem Areas
Various Medical Articles/Studies
Orthopedic Foundation for Animals Home Page
Canine Genetic Primer
American Veterinary Medical Association
Breeding Your Dog
The Immune System & Disease Resistance (USA)
Dog Logic Health Issues (USA)
Holistic Veterinary Medicine Club (USA)
Complementary & Alternative Veterinary Medicine (USA)
The Vaccination Conundrum (USA)
Veterinary Genetic Services [DNA Testing] (USA) Dog Genome Project
Valley Fever

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