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The obscure AKMS-U is reputed to be a Russian Special Forces version of the AKMS modernized Kalashnikov rifle. This compact rifle has a shortened barrel and a stamped sheet metal receiver chambered for a 7.62x39mm cartridge. My representation was put together from various AK parts picked up second hand. I converted a milled style body to look like a stamped metal receiver by application of epoxy putty and additional rivets. Dry brushing completes the effect of worn metal. I am very pleased with the results. 

The very poor finish which came on the china made wood kit was removed and the wood reshaped with a dremel  tool to a more ergonomic fit before it was re-stained. I used a mix of scarlet and tangerine fabric dyes to get the distinctive colour I wanted before applying a Tung oil finish.

Some details on this gun are semi fiction and were adapted to her simply because of the way they look and feel. Note the selector lever thumb screw, reinforced receiver ala Yugo/Zastava below the bolt, and the AK 74 style flash hider.

With the stock folded it is quite compact to carry around and seems well suited to CQB (Close Quarters Battle) action. I have gamed with it only once so far but I can confirm she is a lot of fun to field. Now I have to work on my Russian accent.

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