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Luger P08


Although the Parabellum 1908 or "Luger" is a classic weapon of the early 20th century which was used by many European armies, it is most associated with the iconic image of the World War II German officer.  The airsoft version is a pretty good depiction of this weapon and it makes for an fun addition to any collection.

This Luger was manufactured by WE and has a nice weight and feel. I used a little steel wool to rough up the overall finish and allow some metal to show through giving it a worn look.

The grips however were made of a black plastic which I assume was intended to represent the bakelite grips on german army originals. I bought a set of unfinished walnut grips on e-bay for under $20. The grips needed to be fitted with the help of a Dremel tool. A coat of stain and varnish provided a nice finish which brings out the warmth of the wood. 


Overall the modifications were fairly straight forward and effective. This is one of the more fun guns to field when you are stuck playing the bad guys...

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