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M4A1 Boys Version Rifle


When I was first playing airsoft my young lad was enthralled and had to have a rifle and BDU of his own. Showing perhaps uncharacteristic wisdom, I decided not to put a full power AEG in the hands of a 10 year old.  Tokyo Maruiís M4A1 Boys version was just what we needed. Scaled down to 75% the size of an actual M4, the Boys version is designed to shoot with low enough power to ensure it wonít hurt wee make-believe solders; so they can grow up to be adult make-believe soldiers like their airsoft playing dads!

The cosmetic M203 grenade launcher and functioning carry handle scope mount were scratch built from ABS tubing and sheet plastic. The Boys version rifle comes with a very cute multi position sliding stock. I obtained a regular size full stock from a Can-soft cast away for $20. Although it is slightly over size for the Boys version it makes the rifle a more comfortable length and looks a whole lot more realistic.  

The Boys version gun runs on 6 AA batteries set in a battery compartment notorious for loose connections. This is the number one reason for gun failures in the Boys version. With a full stock installed I was able to wire the motor to the rear with a standard tamiya mini connector. This rifle rocks on a airsoft 9.6V rechargeable mini battery. I also swapped out the stock spring for one I robbed from a cheap non-working 'springer' style pistol which increased the power marginally to a still kid friendly 170 FPS. I doubted the plastic gearbox could maintain any sort of reliability with a stronger spring installed.

A half dozen years later, my son prefers a full size M14 when we go out to airsoft games together. This still functioning M4A1 Boys rifle is a sentimental reminder of earlier days when he and his cousin filled my basement with BBís playing soldier.

TM also made a Boys version MP5. For those that are interested, here is a link to a review of the TM M4A1 Boys version rifle -  


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