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P90-06 Guardian


The P90-06 is a sci-fi variant of the FN Herstal P90 submachine gun. Shown below fitted with a RDS scope and folding hand grip it has an appealing sleek look to it. The whole gun has a textured flat black finish.

It features a extended upper receiver to accommodate a longer M4 length inner barrel and a SCAR style flash-hider & silencer. The receiver is vented, and includes integrated rails on both sides just ahead of the magazine well. 

The majority of changes were introduced to enhance ergonomics. To eliminate the issue of cramped hand positioning associated with the P90, the front of the lower receiver has been opened up. A rail has been fitted for attachment of a standard vertical grip or weapon-light. Placement of a weapon light in this position allows the operator to comfortably switch the light’s tail-cap eliminating the need for a remote cord type of switch. A folding handgrip as shown can fold nicely against the body also. The stock has been fitted with a large rubber butt-pad to optimize the weapons position against the shoulder.


The rear grip area has been extended downward creating a more conventional grip angle.  This was done to combat wrist fatigue from holding the P90 for extended periods in the low ready position.

Larger shooters can sometimes feel they have to crowd the P90 in their stance. Rather than extend the rear stock, it has been shifted downward, bringing the overall gun alignment comfortably through the shoulder. The overall weapon symmetry is maintained. Rear sling swivels have been added to both left and right sides to allow for ambidextrous use.  The sling is attached to the front of the weapon by a rail attachment which can be moved to either left or right side.

The modifications were reasonably extensive but really improved the overall feel of the P90. This gun should make a splash at sci-fi events.

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