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Thompson M1A1 Submachine gun


Possibly most famous for its use by gangsters in the nineteen twenties, the Thompson sub machine gun was originally created in 1919. Although it wasn't ready for use in World War I the "Tommy" was coldly envisioned to be a “Trench Broom”.  Several enhancements were made over the years. The more utilitarian version M1A1 (below) was generally used by NCO’s and officers in WWII, both in Europe and the Pacific theatre.

The older airsoft versions of this weapon are very impressive and make a great addition to a reactor's paratrooper impression. The real wood stock and handgrips pictured here are an aftermarket addition. Since the gun I acquired had a nicely worn patina from service in the field, I decided to rough up the wood before refinishing it to look evenly battle worn.    

This baby is upgraded and ready for combat. Even roughed up she could be a beautiful wall-hanger; but I plan on putting her to the test in airsoft combat again and again. Currahee!

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