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Stereotaxic Surgery in the Rat: A Photographic Series

Cooley, R.K., and Vanderwolf, C.H., (2005), A.J. Kirby Co., London Canada

The stereotaxic surgery manual provides a clear, step by step outline of the procedures involved in stereotaxic surgery with the most common laboratory animal, the rat.

This 8.5 by 11 inch, 104 page, paperback manual has a metal twin loop binding to lay flat.

There are over 40 full page photographs illustrating each of the steps involved in the routine implantation of a chronic intracranial electrode.

Each photograph is accompanied by a facing page giving a clear outline of the procedure illustrated.

The manual developed in its present form as a result of the authors' experience in undergraduate laboratory teaching.

It is uniquely suitable for use by individuals who have had little or no previous surgical experience.

Price: $39.95

Here is an example of one of the photographs with the caption.


32. Jeweler's Screws:

Clean the skull of any bleeding from the skull holes and then turn in the jeweler's screws.

Care should be taken to turn in only about 1 mm in depth.

This is far enough for them to be firmly anchored but not so deep that they will depress the dura and the surface of the brain.


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