visionofestonia1.jpg Veljo Tormis: Vision of Estonia I
Alba Records NCD 17
Recorded at the Estonia Concert Hall, in Tallinn, Estonia during June and August, 2000. Released in 2001.
Recording, editing & mastering:Maido Maadik; Recording assistant:Meelis Pungas; Cover photos:Tõnu Tormis; Booklet liner photos:Harri Rospu; Booklet editor:Katrin Šein; Graphic design:Pekka Kuokka; Producer:Vello Mäeots; Executive producer:Timo Ruottinen.
Compositions by Veljo Tormis (1930-)
Kaksikpühendus (Diptühhon) (Double Dedication (Diptych)) 1983 (4:04)
Track 1. Ühte laulu tahaks laulda
(I'd Like to Sing a Song) (1:39)
Track 2. Tähed
(Stars) (2:25)
Track 3. Nägemus Eestist
(Vision of Estonia) 1989/91 (4:55)
Track 4. Viru vanne
(The Viru Oath) 1980 (4:14)
Track 5. Tõmbtuul
(Draught) 1993 (3:58)
Track 6. Äraandja lugu
(Story of a Betrayer) 1989 (6:47)
Track 7. Viimane laev (Valse triste)
(The Last Ship) 1981 (6:04)
Hamleti laulud
(Hamlet's Songs) for double male choir (8:49)
Track 8. Hamleti laul I
(Hamlet's Song I) 1965 (5:53)
Track 9. Hamleti laul II
(Hamlet's Song II) 1964 (2:56)
Track 10. Incantatio maris aestuosi
(Incantation for a Stormy Sea) 1996 (5:55)
Track 11. Pikse litaania
(Litany to Thunder) 1974 (5:40) with soloists Urmas Põldma and Mareks Lobe; bass drum Margus Vaht
Track 12. Meie varjud
(Our Shadows) 1969 (3:52)
Track 13. Helletused
(Herding Calls) 1982 (7:35) with soprano soloist Aile Asszonyi
Juhan Liivi sarkasmid
(The Sarcasms of Juhan Liiv) 1979 (4:51)
Track 14. I (1:24)
Track 15. II (0:42)
Track 16. III (0:49)
Track 17. IV (1:08)
Track 18. V (0:48)
Track 19. Nekruti põgenemine Tallinna Toompealt koju Kuusallu
(A Conscript's Escape from Toompea Castle Home to Kuusalu) for male chorus (Text from traditional folk sources arranged by Ülo Tedre) 1969 (3:12)
Estonian National Male Choir / Ants Soots
Commissions, Dedications and Awards (work in progress)
Helletused is dedicated to the memory of the composer's sister. Nekruti põgenemine Tallinna Toompealt koju Kuusallu was written in 1969, which was also the year that Veljo Tormis became a freelance composer and the composition mirrors this by describing the trip from Toompea Castle in Tallinn to the vicinity of the composer's summer home and birthplace in Kuusalu to the east of Tallinn.
Music Publishers (work in progress)
Helletused is published by Fennica Gehrman Ab Oy, Finland. Nekruti põgenemine Tallinna Toompealt koju Kuusallu is published by ERES Estonia Edition Lilienthal/Bremen.
Other Points of Interest and Links
1. The CD contains booklet notes in English and Estonian by Katrin Šein on Veljo Tormis and the works on this CD, and on the Estonian National Male Choir and their conductor Ants Soots. 
2. The website of the record company is, from which this CD can also be directly ordered.
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