diamonds.jpg Orphei Drängar - Diamonds
BIS CD-1233
Veljo Tormis track recorded at Studio 2, Swedish Radio, Stockholm, Sweden during March 2002. Other tracks  also recorded at the same location during either March 2002 or October 2002. Released in March 2003.
Balance engineers and Producers:Thore Brinkmann (March 2002), Jens Braun (October 2002); Digital editing: Michael Silberhorn; Front cover design:HERA; Cover and booklet photographs:Stewen Quigley; Typesetting and lay-out:Andrew Barnett.
Composition by Veljo Tormis (1930-)
Track 7. Muistse mere laulud (Songs of the Ancient Sea) composition of runic songs about the sea (Text from maritime themed runic songs from the parishes of Haljala, Kuusalu, Ridala and Muhu) 1979 (8:51) Soloist:Greger Erdös
Orphei Drangar Male Choir / Folke Alin
Other composers on this disc
The other composers whose works are performed on this selection of "20th-Century Masterpieces for Male Choir" and "the pioneering works for male choir of the 20th century", are Francis Poulenc, Darius Milhaud, Daniel Börtz, Toivo Kuula, Camille Saint-Saëns, Richard Strauss, Randall Thompson, Michio Mamiya, Eugen Suchon, Jaroslav Kricka, and Anders Hillborg.
Commissions, Dedications and Awards
Muistse mere laulud was commissioned for the 1980 Moscow Olympic Games sailing regatta which took place in Tallinn, Estonia.
Music Publishers
Muistse mere laulud is published by Fennica Gehrman Oy Ab (previously Fazer Music Estonia).
Other Points of Interest and Links
There are booklet notes on the composers and their works by Ola Nordenfors in Swedish with translations into English (Orphei Drängar and BIS), German (Anke Budweg), and French (Arlette Lemieux-Chené). There is also a brief history of the Orphei Drängar Male Choir and its conductor Robert Sund and assistant conductor Folke Alin. There are also complete original texts provided for the songs with translations into English.
You can see this disc under the March 2003 new releases at the BIS Records website.
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