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Eesti Raadio ERCD 031 (Estonian Radio ERCD 031)
Veljo Tormis tracks recorded at an unspecified location in 1998. Other tracks are from 1994, 1995, 2000 and 2001. CD released in 2001.
Recording Engineer:not identified for Veljo Tormis tracks, otherwise Aili Jõeleht, Mati Brauer, Maido Maadik and Maris Laanemets; Mastering:Maido Maadik; Design:Atko Januson; Producer:Tiia Teder; Texts:Liina Fjuk and Tiia Teder; Translation:Tiit Kusnets; The making of this recording was supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Estonian Republic.
Composition by Veljo Tormis (1930-)
Süit muusikast filmile "Kevade" (Suite composed from the movie score of "Kevade" (Spring)) (1969) Total Time =10:28
Track 10. Kui Arno isaga koolimajja jõudis
(Arno and His Father Arriving at the Schoolhouse) (3:16)
Track 11. Kõnelus vana paju all
(Talking under the Old Willow Tree) (1:57)
Track 12. Õnnetus noorel jääl
(The Misadventure on Brittle Ice) (1:28)
Track 13. Tuisune videvik
(Stormy Nightfall) (2:02)
Track 14. Kevade
(Spring Time) (1:34)
Estonian National Symphony Orchestra conducted by Paul Mägi
The other composers represented on this CD are Ester Mägi (1922-), Raimo Kangro (1949-2001), Lepo Sumera (1950-2000), Eino Tamberg (1930-), Toivo Tulev (1958-) and Rene Eespere (1953-).
Commissions, Dedications, Premieres and Awards
The score of Kevade (Springtime) was completed for the 1969 film by director Arvo Kruusement, which is based on the popular Estonian novel (1912) of the same name by writer Oskar Luts (1887-1953). The film and novel portray the school adventures of a group of rural Estonian teenagers from the early 20th century. Oskar Luts continued with the further lives of the same characters in the later novels Suvi (Summer)(1918), Tootsi pulm (Toots's Wedding)(1921), Argipäev (Weekday)(1924) and Sügis (Autumn)(1938). The 2nd and 5th books were also filmed by Arvo Kruusement in 1976 and 1990, respectively, and are also scored by Veljo Tormis.
Music Publishers
The score of Süit muusikast filmile "Kevade" is published by SP Muusikaprojekt, Tallinn, Estonia.
Other Points of Interest and Links
The booklet notes contain background on each of the composers, performers and the recorded works and are by Liina Fjuk and Tiia Teder in the Estonian language with an English translation by Tiit Kusnets. Texts in Estonian and Latin originals with English translations are also provided for the vocal works (by Sumera and Eespere).
Estonian Radio has a series of web pages for this CD which can be seen here, where all of the above booklet notes can be seen (except for the song texts).
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