adayinparadise.jpg Talla Vocal Ensemble: A Day In Paradise
Finlandia Records 3984-21560-2
Recorded at the Riihimäki Garrison Church, Riihimäki, Finland between March 27-29, 1998 except for Pärt De Profundis at Olari Church, Espoo, Finland on May 3, 1998. Released in 1998.
Recording Engineer:Matti Heinonen; Producer:Laura Heikinheimo; Mastering:Pauli Saastamoinen; Cover photo: Fennopress/Kamil Vojnar; Layout:Pirkko Huttunen; Booklet editor:Mikko Hannuksela; Executive Producer: Jari Tiessalo.
Composition by Veljo Tormis (1930-)
Track 5. Helletused (Childhood Memories) [text:Aino Tamm and Miina Härma] 1982 (6:51) Taina-Maaria Rautasuo:soprano soloist and the Talla Vocal Ensemble (Pasi Hyökki, Olli Hannuksela:counter-tenor; Mikko Hannuksela, Petri Muranen:tenor; Tommi Vuorialho, Antti-Mikko Honkaniemi:baritone; Olli Junkkari, Timo Lahtinen, Mikko Kirjavainen:bass)
The other composers represented on this CD are Jaakko Mäntyjärvi, Einojuhani Rautavaara (3), Erik Bergman (3), Arvo Pärt, Cyrillus Kreek (6), Henry Purcell, Francis Poulenc (4), Max Reger (2) and Robert Pearsall.
Commissions, Dedications and Awards
Helletused is dedicated to the memory of the composer's sister.
Music Publishers
Helletused is published by Fennica Gehrman Oy Ab (previously Fazer Music Estonia).
Other Points of Interest and Links
The booklet notes contain short biographies on each composer with comments on their specific works that are included on the disc. The notes are provided in the original Finnish by the writer Kimmo Korbonen and in an English translation by composer Jaakko Mäntijärvi. There is a short history (also in English and Finnish) of the Talla Vocal Ensemble and its leader Pasi Hyökki. The texts* of the compositions are provided in their original languages (e.g. Estonian, German, Latin, etc.) with complete translations in English and Finnish. The song translations are by Jaakko Mäntyjärvi, Sinikka Kallio, Seppo Räsänen, Mikael Hannus and Pasi Hyökki.
*The text of Helletused is primarily non-linguistic herding calls except for a brief moment where the male choir can be heard to sing "Kui ma olin väiksekene..." (When I was a little one...). This is a quotation from the first Estonian professional female composer Miina Härma's (1864-1941) song "Lauliku lapsepõli" from 1895, which is itself based on herding calls that the first Estonian professional singer, Aino Tamm (1864-1945) learned in her childhood.
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