bridgeofsong.jpg Veljo Tormis: Bridge of Song
Finlandia 4509-96937-2
Recorded during January 1994 at the Merchant Guild Hall, Tallinn, Estonia. Released in 1995.
Recording engineer:Maido Maadik; Recording Producer:Peeter Vähi; Assistant booklet editor:Elle Himma; Cover concept:Everi Vähi (based on materials from the Estonian Society of Prehistoric Art); Design & layout:Birgit Pulkkinen; Mastering:Finnvox/Mika Jussila; Executive producer & art direction: Jari Tiessalo.
Compositions by Veljo Tormis (1930-)
Track 1. Laulusild (Bridge of Song) [Text in Finnish from Kalevala and text in Estonian from folk song] 1981 (4:09)
Track 2. Laevas lauldakse
(Singing Aboard Ship) for contralto and mixed choir [Text from an Ingrian-Finnish folk song, translated into Estonian by Ruth Mirov] 1983 (5:44)
Track 3. Mõrsja hüvastijätt
(Bride's Farewell) [Text in Finnish from Kalevala, arranged by Lea Tormis] 1982 (6:49)
Kihnu pulmalaulud
(Wedding Songs from Kihnu Island) (1959) [texts in Estonian from folk songs arranged by Olli Kõiva] TT=8.22
Track 4. Ei või õnneta elada
(Cannot Live Without Happiness) (2:30)
Track 5. Peiu pilkamine
(Mocking the Groom) (1:40)
Track 6. Ilu kaob õue pealt
(Beauty Disappears From The Yard) (2:32)
Track 7. Sööge, langud!
(Eat, My In-laws!) (1:40)
Seitseteist eesti pulmalaulu
(Seventeen Estonian Wedding Songs) (1988) [texts in Estonian from folk songs] TT=18:04
Track 8. Pulmade ootamine
(Waiting For The Wedding) (0:35)
Track 9. Millal saame sinna maale?
(When Will We Arrive There?) (1:27)
Track 10. Mõrsja väljakutsumine
(Calling For The Bride) (0:43)
Track 11. Sööge, langud!
(Eat, My In-laws!) (0:33)
Track 12. Kodu nutab mõrsjat
(Home Is Crying For The Bride) (2:01)
Track 13. Mõrsja nutab kodu
(Bride Cries For Home) (1:18)
Track 14. Pulmasõit
(Wedding Ride) (0:39)
Track 15. Saabumine peiu koju
(Arriving At The Bridegroom's Home) (1:34)
Track 16. Kas on minia meelt mööda?
(Do You Approve Of Your Daughter-in-law?) (0:46)
Track 17. Ära löö noorikut!
(Don't Hit The Newlywed!) (0:44)
Track 18. Nooriku virkuseõpetus
(Teaching The Newlywed Diligence) (1:22)
Track 19. Petis peiu
(Cheating Bridegroom) (0:44)
Track 20. Palju veimi
(Many Gifts From The Bride) (1:14)
Track 21. Lemmkibu
(Collection Piggin) (1:00)
Track 22. Rahakorjamise tänulaul
(Song Of Thanks For The Money Collection) (0:30)
Track 23. Palju sõnu
(Many Words) (1:24)
Track 24. Kohus koju minna
(Must Go Home) (1:32)
Kolm eesti mängulaulu (Three Estonian Game Songs) (1972) [texts in Estonian from folk songs] TT=7.34
Track 25. Käsikivimäng
(Hand Mill Game) (2:26)
Track 26. Sõrmemähkimismäng
(Bandaging the Finger Game) (2:31)
Track 27. Laevamäng
(Boat Game) (2:36)
Neli eesti hällilaulu
(Four Estonian Lullabies) (1989) [texts in Estonian from folk songs] TT=6:45
Track 28. Laulan lapsele
(I Sing For My Child) (1:21)
Track 29. Marjal aega magada
(It's Time For The Little Berry To Sleep) (1:41)
Track 30. Lase kiik käia!
(Let The Cradle Swing!) (1:38)
Track 31. Äiutus
(Lulling) (2:04)
Estonian Radio Choir / Toomas Kapten
Commissions, Dedications and Awards
Research in progress.
Music Publishers
All of the works on this disc are published by Fennica Gehrman Oy Ab (previously Warner/Chappell Finland and/or Edition Fazer, Helsinki) with the exception of Kihnu pulmalaulud, which is published by Eres Edition.
Other Points of Interest and Links
There are CD booklet notes in English, German (translation:Heinrich Bremer), French (translation:Anja Fantapié), and Finnish (translation:Jaakko Mäntyjärvi), with brief biographical information on Veljo Tormis, and on the Bridge of Song subject theme, by the Veljo Tormis biographer* Mimi S. Daitz. There is a separate note (also in English, German, French and Finnish) on the history of the Estonian Radio Choir. Complete original texts (in Finnish or Estonian as applicable) are provided, together with their English translations by Keith Bosley (Tracks 1,3), Kaja Kappel (Track 1 and Tracks 4 to 31 inclusive), and Anni Meister (Track 2).

*Ancient Song Recovered - The Music of Veljo Tormis by Mimi S. Daitz. Pendragon Press, 2003. ISBN 1-57647 -009-1 is to be published 2003.

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