laulujensilta.jpg Tapiolan kuoro - Laulujen silta / Erkki Pohjola (Tapiola Choir - Songs Building Bridges / Erkki Pohjola)
Finlandia Records FAD 914
Recorded live at a concert to benefit UNICEF on March 27, 1983 at the Ritarihuoneella (House of the Nobility), Helsinki, Finland. Released in 1985.
Robert de Godzinsky:recording engineer; Tapiolan kuoro:recording producer; Elina Hatakka:editor; Kaius Hedenstrom:cover photo; Marja Arvola:layout; Offset Oy, Helsinki:printing.

Composition by Veljo Tormis (1930-)
Side A.
Track 1. Viljandi karjapoiss (19??) (Shepherd from Viljandi/Viljannin paimenpojat) [Text: Estonian folksong] (1:44)
Tapiola Choir / Erkki Pohjola with (on other works) Olli Pohjola, flute and the Pohjola String Quartet (Sakari Oramo, 1. violin; Jukka Pohjola: 2. violin; Mikko Pohjola:viola; Matti Pohjola: cello). Song introductions in English, spoken by Johanna Alikoski, a member of the choir.
The other composers whose works or arrangements are performed on this LP are Zoltán Kodály (2), arr. Carl-Bertil Agnestig (3), Arne Mellnäs, Heikki Sarmanto, arr. Auvo Sarmanto, Naohimo Terashima, arr. Naozumi Yamamoto, arr. Pentti Paalanen/Olli Pohjola, arr. Akos Papp, arr. Kari Ala-Pöllänen, John Klein, Stephen Foster arr. Aulis Sallinen, and arr. Matti Hyökki.
Commissions, Dedications and Awards
There are no further details known about the work Viljandi karjapoiss.
Music Publishers
The score used at the time of this performance (1983) of Viljandi karjapoiss was by Eesti Raamat (Estonian Book Publishers) and it is no longer in print.
Other Points of Interest and Links
The back cover of the Finlandia LP contains notes (in English and Finnish) by Leena Santalahti which describes the history of the Tapiola Choir (1963-) and provides a biography of its founder and conductor Erkki Pohjola (1931-). In addition, a lyric sheet insert contains the original lyrics (without translations) for all of the songs performed and also contains a Swedish translation of the back cover text.
An interesting historical footnote: Sakari Oramo, who was the 1st violin of the Pohjola String Quartet who accompany the Tapiola Choir on selected works here, became a prominent symphony conductor in later life and has been Music Director of the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra from 1999 onwards.

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