arengforte.jpg Tallinna Kammerkoor:Areng (The Tallinn Chamber Choir:Development*)
Forte - 0063/2
Recorded in Estonia with exact dates unknown. CD released in 2002.
Sound engineer:Asta Kuivjõgi (engineer is identified for Tracks 13 and 14 only and engineering details are not provided for the other Veljo Tormis tracks); CD Mastering:Tanel Klesment; Executive Producer:Mart Maripuu; Cover Design:Jaana Kool; Photos:Tiit Blaat.
Compositions by Veljo Tormis (1930-)
Kolm setu töölaulu (Three Setu Work Songs) (1976) [texts from folklore]
Track 13. Pesupesemine (Doing the Washing) (1:40)
Track 14. Ketramine
(Spinning) (1:32)
Track 15. Sõnnikulaotamine
(Spreading Dung) (2:28)
Tallinn Chamber Choir / Aivar Leštšinski
sarjast Jaanilaulud (Eesti kalendrilaulud) (from the series Midsummer Night Songs from the cycle Estonian Calendar Songs) (1966-67) [texts from folklore]
Track 16. Kutse Jaanitulele II
(Call to the Midsummer Bonfire II) (1:22)
Track 17. Jaani hobu
(St. John's Steed) (1:16)
Tallinn Chamber Choir / Arvo Ratassepp
tsüklist Kolm eesti mängulaulu (from the cycle Three Estonian Game Songs) (1972) [texts from folklore]
Track 18. Käsikivimäng
(Hand Mill Game) (2:19)
Track 19. Sõrmemähkimismäng
(Bandaging the Finger Game) (2:17)
Tallinn Chamber Choir / Ants Üleoja
Other composers on this disc
Other composers whose works are performed on this disc are Palestrina (3), Heinrich Schütz, Johann Herman Schein, Petr Eben, Rudolf Tobias, Cyrillus Kreek, Eduard Tubin (2), Tuudur Vettik, Gustav Ernesaks, Rene Eespere, Tõnu Kõrvits, Sergei Tanejev, and Nikolai Sidelnikov.
Premieres, Commissions, Dedications and Awards
The Eesti kalendrilaulud were written for two large amateur choirs, the Female and Male Choirs of the Estonian Academy of Sciences, and the entire cycle was premiered by them on June 6, 1968 under conductor Arvo Ratassepp (1926-1986). The series Jaanilaulud received the Soviet Estonia Prize in 1970. Arvo Ratassepp conducts the selections from Jaanilaulud on this present recording (Tracks 16 and 17).
Music Publishers
The cycle Kolm setu töölaulu is published by Carus-Verlag. The series Jaanilaulud and the entire cycle of the Eesti kalendrilaulud and the cycle Kolm eesti mängulaulu are published by Fennica Gehrman (previously published under the names Warner/Chappell Finland and Fazer Music Estonia).
Other Points of Interest and Links
1. The Tallinn Chamber Choir was founded in 1962 and this disc celebrates its 40th year of existence. There are anonymous disc notes in Estonian, English and German with brief histories/biographies on the Tallinn Chamber Choir and its conductors Kuno Areng (1929-), Aivar Leštšinski (1958-), Margit Võsa (1958-) and Andres Heinapuu (1959-) and its voice teacher Ludmilla Dombrovska (1945-). Texts are not provided for any of the works on the disc.
2. Recording dates and engineering details are not provided. Tracks 16 and 17 would have been recorded before 1986 as they are conducted by a former Tallinn Chamber Choir conductor, Arvo Ratassepp (1926-1986). Tracks 18 and 19 are
possibly remastered from the 1974 LP Tallinna Kammerkoor on Melodiya C30-04987-8 which contained these same works conducted by Ants Üleoja. Tracks 13-15, under current (since 1994) chief conductor Aivar Leštšinski (1958-) are likely the most recent recordings.
*The disc title "Areng" is a tribute to the Tallinn Chamber Choir's Conductor Emeritus, Kuno Areng, and the title is also a pun, as the word "areng" means "development" in Estonian.
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