teoseidmeeskoorile.jpg Veljo Tormis: Teoseid meeskoorile (Works for Male Choir)
Melodiya 33CM 03353-4
Recorded in Estonia. Released in 1973.
Sound Engineer:H. Freirik; Recording Producer:Enn Tomson; Cover Photo:Tõnu Tormis; Cover Art:E. Palmiste.  
Compositions by Veljo Tormis (1930-)
Track 1. Hamleti laul I (Hamlet's Song I) 1965 (6:15)
Track 2. Hamleti laul II
(Hamlet's Song II) 1964 (2:47)
Track 3. Kolm mul oli kaunist sõna
(Once I Had Three Words of Beauty) 1960 (5:46)
Track 4. Maarjamaa ballaad
(The Ballad of Mary's Land) 1969 (4:55)
Track 5. Meie varjud
(Our Shadows) 1969 (3:19)
Track 6. Ühtehoidmise laul
(A Song about Keeping Together) 1963 (3:13)
Track 7. Tasase maa laul
(A Song about a Flat Land) 1963 (3:41)
Track 8. Nekruti põgenemine Tallinna Toompealt koju Kuusallu
(A Conscript's Escape from Tallinn's Toompea Castle Home to Kuusalu) for male chorus (Text from traditional folk sources, arranged by Ülo Tedre) 1969 (3:26)
2 osa tsüklist Meestelaulud
(2 selections from the cycle "Songs of Men"):
Track 9. Türgi sõja laul
(Song of the Turkish War) (1:22)
Track 10. Meeste laul
(Men's Song) (2:11)
Estonian State Academic Male Choir conducted by Olev Oja.
Commissions, Dedications and Awards
As specifically mentioned in the LP's notes by writer Helju Tauk, the compositions Maarjamaa ballaad and Meie varjud were written for a 1969 contest to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Estonian State Academic Male Choir (founded by Gustav Ernesaks in 1944) and Maarjamaa ballaad won the 1st Prize at the competition.
Music Publishers
The publishing source for the scores on this recording were not identified on the LP at the time of original issue. The current scores for Hamleti laulud I & II (Tracks 1 and 2) and Maarjamaa ballaad (Track 4) are published by Fennica Gehrman Oy Ab. The current score for Kolm mul oli kaunist sõna (Track 3) is published by edition 49. The current scores for Ühtehoidmise laul and Tasase maa laul (Tracks 6 and 7) are published by Eres Edition. The current scores for Nekruti põgenemine Tallinna Toompealt koju Kuusallu (Track 8) and Meestelaulud (Tracks 9 and 10) are published by SP Muusikaprojekt.
Other Points of Interest and Links
The liner notes for this LP were by writer Helju Tauk in Estonian with an English version included and a slightly amended English version can be read here.
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