lastekoorid.jpg Lastekoorid (Children's Choirs) [from the Laulupidu 1869 1969 (Song Festival 1869 1969) series]
Melodiya 33D 024547-8
Recorded in Estonia. Released in 1969.
The recording engineer, recording producer, artistic designer, and photographer are not identified on the album.

Compositions by Veljo Tormis (1930-)
Side A.
Track 5. Kui ma olin väiksekene (1966) (When I was a Kid) [Text: Estonian folksong] (2:30)
Track 6. Emata
(1966) (Motherless) [Text: Estonian folksong] (3:00)
The Children's Choir of the Pioneer Palace / Heino Kaljuste
The other composers whose works are performed on this LP are Eugen Kapp, Karl August Hermann, arr. by Heino Kaljuste, Mart Saar (2), arr. by Juhan Zeiger, Lembit Veevo, Eino Tamberg, Tuudur Vettik (2), Boris Kõrver, arr. by Riho Päts, Gustav Ernesaks, Olev Sau and Anti Marguste.
Commissions, Dedications and Awards
There are no further details known about these children's choir versions of Kui ma olin väiksekene and Emata.
Music Publishers
The scores for the children's choir versions of Kui ma olin väiksekene and Emata are not currently in print. Kui ma olin väiksekene does, however, use the same text and basic melody as Lauliku lapsepõli which does exist in various versions for female soloist and/or women's choir and is published by Muusika Publishers.
Other Points of Interest and Links
The back cover of the Melodiya LP contains notes (in Estonian, Russian and English) by Aksel Pajupuu which gives a brief history of Estonian children's choirs, their organizers and participation in song festivals. Some individual current day (1969) choirs and their conductors are singled out for particular praise, including the Children's Choir of the Pioneer Palace (conductor Heino Kaljuste) and the Boy's Choir of the Culture Palace named after Jaan Tomp (conductor Uno Järvela) who both perform on this recording on Side A and Side B respectively. The Children's Choir of the Pioneer Palace was the forerunner of the Ellerhein Children's Choir and thus of the Ellerhein Chamber Choir which later became the professional Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir under the direction of Heino Kaljuste's son, Tõnu Kaljuste.
At a quick glance, the cover of the LP gives an impression that it might be a live recording from the 100th anniversary Estonian Song Festival. In actual fact, these are studio recordings that were issued and marketed prior to the Festival itself, to serve as publicity and souvenir materials.

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