laulavadtpikoorid.jpg Laulavad TPI koorid (The Tallinn Polytechnical Institute Choirs Sing)
Melodiya C10 24765 000
Recorded in Estonia. Released in 1986.
Recording Producer:Enn Tomson; Administrator:Mart Maripuu; Artist:H. Saar; Photos (back cover):S. Arbet.

Compositions by Veljo Tormis (1930-)
Side A.
Track 1. Astuge ette! (1984) (Step Forward!) [Text: Lydia Koidula] (3:30)
Pildikesi Vormsi minevikust
(1983) (Pictures from Vormsi's Past) [Text: Estonian-Swedish folk poetry translated by Jaan Kross] (4:25)
Track 2a. Sulase kaebus
(The Farmhand's Lament)
Track 2b. Aidaukse taga
(Behind the Barn Door)
Track 2c. Pulmatants
(Wedding Dance)
Tallinn Polytechnical Institute Academic Male Choir / Jüri Rent
Side B.
Track 15. Lauliku lapsepõli
(1966) (The Singer's Childhood) [Text: folk poetry] (2:22)
Tallinn Polytechnical Institute Academic Female Choir / Ene Kangron.

Commissions, Dedications and Awards
No further information is currently known about the works Astuge ette!, Pildikesi Vormsi minevikust and Lauliku lapsepõli.
Music Publishers
The scores of Astuge ette! and Pildikesi Vormsi minevikust do not appear to be in print at the current time. The score of Lauliku lapsepõli is available in various versions for female soloist and/or women's choir and is published by Muusika Publishers.
Other Points of Interest and Links
The back cover of the Melodiya LP contains notes (in Estonian and Russian) by Kalju Paluste, Katri Eensaar and Toivo Ojaveski which contained brief histories of the TPI Academic Chamber Choir, the TPI Academic Women's Choir and the TPI Academic Men's Choir respectively. No other notes on the composers or compostions are provided.

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