ram3.jpg State Academic Male Choir Quartet RAM 3: RAM 3
Melodiya C30 05069-70
Recorded in Estonia. Released in 1974.
Sound Engineer:T. Korbe; Producer:Enn Tomson; Cover Design:M. Kaljo; Photography:T. Kohv.  
Compositions/Arrangements by Veljo Tormis (1930-)
Track 9. Söömad söödud (When Supper's Been Supped) (Estonian Folk Song, set by Veljo Tormis) (1:24)
Neli jutustavat eesti rahvalaulu
(Four Estonian Folk Ballads):
Track 10. Mere kosilased (Kuusalu)
(Suitors from the deep blue sea) (from Kuusalu parish) (6:05)
Track 11. Kubjas ja teomees (Harju-Jaani)
(The bailiff and the serf) (from Harju-Jaani parish) (2:39)
Track 12. Must Naine (Muhu)
(The slattern) (from Muhu parish) (2:17)
Track 13. Suur härg (Kadrina)
(The great big ox) (from Kadrina parish) (4:26)
Kolm eesti rahvalaulu
(Three Estonian Folk Songs):
Track 14. Petis peiu (Kuusalu)
(A guileful bridegroom) (from Kuusalu parish) (1.22)
Track 15. Arg kosilane (Tori)
(A timid suitor) (from Tori parish) (1:48)
Track 16. Humal (Kolga-Jaani)
(The hop-vine) (from Kolga-Jaani parish) (0:50)
Track 17. Sui mina sõidan saaniga
(A-sleighing I go in the summertime) (Estonian Folk Song, set by Veljo Tormis) (3:13)
RAM 3 Quartet:Konstantin Kasekivi (lead on Tracks 10,12,17), Ole Valgma, Vello Mäeots (lead on Track 11), Kaljo Räästas (lead on Track 13); Valdur Roots:piano; Olev Oja:artistic director.
Note: Tracks 1. to 8. are various other international folk songs in settings by 8 other composers.
Commissions, Dedications and Awards
Although it is not specifically itemized on the LP cover, it is likely that all of the works here were written for or were commissioned by the RAM-3 Quartet. In the case of the Kolm eesti rahvalaulu (Three Estonian Folk Songs), the score of Veljo Tormis' 1971 cycle Kolm eesti rahvalaulu meeskoorile (Three Estonian Folk Songs for Male Choir) has been utilized as the basis for the quartet version.
Music Publishers
The publishing source for the scores on this recording are not identified. There was a small book of scores entitled "Laulab RAM-3" (RAM-3 Sings) which was published in 1982 by Eesti Raamat Kirjastus, Tallinn (Estonian Book Publishers, Tallinn) which contained the 1971 cycle Kolm eesti rahvalaulu meeskoorile (Three Estonian Folk Songs for Male Choir).
Other Points of Interest and Links
The original liner notes for this LP were in Estonian with an English version included and a slightly amended English version can be read here.
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