teememuusikat.jpg Veljo Tormis: Teeme muusikat (Let's make music)
Melodiya C72 08395-6
Recorded in Estonia with exact dates not provided. This is a 7 inch/10 cm. EP released in 1978.
Engineer:Paul Krünberk; Producer:Kaupo Uibo; Design and photos: R. Siirak.
Compositions by Veljo Tormis (1930-)
Kümme eesti rahvalaulu lastekoorile (Ten Estonian folk songs for children's choir) (1975) [Texts from folklore] NOTE:This work has subsequently been retitled as Muusika lastele (Kümme eesti rahvalaulu kooliorkestriga) (Music for Children (Ten Estonian folk songs with Orff-instruments))
Track 1. Sõit, sõit (Ride, Ride) (3:29)
Track 2. Tihane
(Tew, Tew, Tiny Tit!) (3:31)
Track 3. Kassilaul
(Cat Song) (5:25)
Track 4. Iirde-piirde
(Iirde-piirde) (1:35)
Track 5. Kits karja!
(Goat, Join The Herd!) (1:17)
Track 6. Püksid jalga
(Getting dressed) (1:09)
Track 7. Kiigelaul
(Swing Song) (1:54)
Track 8. Kägu kukub karjasele
(The Cuckoo Sings to the Shepherd) (1:16)
Track 9. Linnud tööl
(The Birds at Work) (1:01)
Track 10. Küla mull' ütleb
(The Village Tells Me) (5:34)
Kolm eesti rahvalaulu lastekoorile
(Three Estonian folk songs for children's choir) (197?) [Texts from folklore] NOTE: This work has been subsequently expanded into the new cycle Viis eesti rahvalaulu (Five Estonian Folk Songs) for children's choir.
Track 11. Kiige katsumine
(Trying the Swing) (5:33)
Track 12. Laevasõit
(Boat Trip) (3:41)
Track 13. Mardilaul
(Martinmas Song) (1:51)
Ellerhein Children's Choir / Heino Kaljuste (Tracks 1-13) accompaniment by Instrumental Ensemble led by Heino Jürisalu (Tracks 11-13)
Premieres, Commissions, Dedications and Awards
No details are currently known for the premieres, commissions, dedications and awards of these works. Research in progress.
Music Publishers
The cycle Muusika lastele (Kümme eesti rahvalaulu kooliorkestriga) is published by Kirjastus Muusika. The cycle Viis eesti rahvalaulu is published by SP Muusikaprojekt.
Other Points of Interest and Links
This EP has a brief biographical text (in Estonian and Russian) on Veljo Tormis and his works for amateur children's choir and orchestra which is written by fellow composer Heino Jürisalu. Heino Jürisalu also leads the instrumental ensemble who accompanies the Ellerhein children's choir on Tracks 1. to 10. on this EP.
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