noscan.jpg Eesti Pop III
Melodiya C60 20141 007
Recorded in 1982 at the Tartu Rock Music Festival. Released in 1984.
Recording Engineer: not known; Recording Producer: not known.
These live recordings by the group In Spe were probably recorded around the same time as the studio album on Melodiya C60 19367 001 (recorded in 1982 but released in 1983). The live Antidolorosum is very similar to the studio version, being also virtually identical in timing. The bonus item here is the Isamaa track which does not appear on the studio album. Another In Spe work performed at the 1982 Tartu Festival was titled Lumen et Cantus which won the best composition award. The concept of music festival competitions was used in order to promote rock music festivals with the Soviet authorities of the time. Making rock festivals a competition event was intended to lend them an aura of seriousness and respectability versus the supposed degenerate rock music of Europe and North America. For the 1983 Festival, In Spe performed another extended work entitled Hääled seitsme maa ja mere tagant (Voices from beyond the seven lands and seas). Possibly some unofficial band or fan recordings exist of these works but they were never officially released. The studio album and these two live tracks were the only official releases from the Erkki-Sven Tüür led version of the ensemble.
An original cover is not available to check the group member credits and, based on other issues of the Eesti Pop series, a complete listing of performer's names may not even be available. Since Eesti Pop III was also recorded in 1982, it has been assumed that the group performing live are the same as on the 1982 studio LP.
Music by Erkki-Sven Tüür
1. In Spe: Antidolorosum (music: Erkki-Sven Tüür / lyrics: Artur Alliksaar) 4:45
10. In Spe: Isamaa (music: Erkki-Sven Tüür / lyrics: Hanno Runnel) 2:13
Members of In Spe at the time of this recording (assumed)
Peeter Brambat (flute, tenor recorder),
Toivo Kopli (bass guitar),
Priit Kuulberg (digital normalizer, Roland Vocoder),
Mart Metsala (Prophet 5, Roland Jupiter 8, Hammond, VLM.),
Riho Sibul (guitars),
Anne Tüür (Fender Rhodes, Yamaha Electric Grand),
Erkki-Sven Tüür (Minimoog, Prophet 5, Roland Jupiter 8, flute, recorder, vocal (2)),
Arvo Urb (drums).
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