Erkki-Sven Tüür on Compact Disc

Last Update: March 16, 2004

These are all the known CDs which contain music by Erkki-Sven Tüür. The listing is in alpha-numeric order by record label. Links will take you to individual CD details. Many of these discs contain only 1 or 2 works by Tüür, and may not necessarily be filed under his name at your local store. Some locations where stores might file these discs are under categories such as Miscellaneous 20th Century Composers, Baltic Composers, Estonian Composers and Finnish Composers (due to the number of Finlandia label recordings). Due to the number of other composers that appear on these discs, it is suggested that one also look under other Baltic/Estonian composer names such as Heino Eller, Arvo Pärt, Lepo Sumera, Veljo Tormis, Eduard Tubin and Peteris Vasks. Some stores may have separate bins for performers/conductors, so it is always worth taking a look under such names as Paavo Järvi, Tõnu Kaljuste, Juha Kangas, etc. Alternatively, most of these discs are available at the major on-line CD stores as well. The independent labels such as Eesti Raadio, Elwood Muusik, Eres Edition, Erdenklang and the Peeter Malkov CD are only available from Estonia and Germany to my knowledge. Note that the French only editions of Estonie and L'expérience estonienne are linked to an online CD store in France from which they may successfully be ordered if you have some basic French language skills (note: these last discs are probably out of print as of this writing in late 2002).

Recent and or planned recordings awaiting release and/or recently added or discovered releases
Finlandia Records: After their concert of January 24, 2004, the Tapiola Chamber Choir and the Ostrobothnian Chamber Orchestra under conductor Hannu Norjanen recorded Erkki-Sven Tüür's Inquiétude du Fini (text by the prominent Estonian novelist/poet Tõnu Õnnepalu) for future release. This will be the world premiere recording of this work for chorus and chamber orchestra which was written for the 1992 Espoo International Choral Festival and was premiered there on December 1, 1992 by the Tapiola Chamber Choir and the Tapiola Sinfonietta conducted by Eric-Olof Söderström.
Finlandia Records: After the international success of the premiere release Swan Flight by the Estonian-Finnish Symphony Orchestra and their conductor Anu Tali, it is reported that their second release for Finlandia Records will contain works by Erkki-Sven Tüür. Details are awaiting confirmation.

Confirmed Releases
Ambitus Musikproduktion amb 96 802 Reinbert Evers: Baltic Music for Guitar
Apex Warner Classics Tüür (reissue of selections from earlier Warner Classics/Teldec/Finlandia Recordings) (July 2003 release in Europe)
BIS CD-574 Tallinn String Quartet: Chamber Music from Estonia
BIS CD-1332 Berlin Philharmonic Wind Quintet: Winter Songs (October 2003 international release) * Disc detail page added on the March 16, 2004 update *
CCn'C 01812 Absolute Ensemble: Architectonics (September 2001 Release)
Collins Classics 14752 The Duke Quartet: Baltic Elegy
CPO 999 777-2 Cabaza Percussion Quartet: In The Eye Of The Storm (May 2001 Release)
ECM 1590 Erkki-Sven Tüür: Crystallisatio
ECM 1673 Erkki-Sven Tüür: Flux
ECM Records New Series 1830 Erkki-Sven Tüür: Exodus (gradual international release August 1, 2003 in the UK, August 4, 2003 in Estonia, September 2, 2003 in Germany and anticipated North American release during October 2003)
Eesti Raadio - HM 081001 Leibur/Terasmaa/Mätlik Trio: Drama (late 2001 Release in Estonia only)
EKM001 - 003 Läbilõige Eesti Koorimuusikast (Review of Estonian Choral Music) (2002 Release in Estonia only)
Elwood Muusik 4740156-002911 Nyyd Ensemble: Nüüd | Now (late 2001 Release in Estonia only)
Enja ENJ-9449 2 Absolute Fix/Kristjan Järvi (late 2002/early 2003 Release in Germany with international availability) [contains Biosis and Biosis House Mix, both are alternate versions/adaptations of Erkki-Sven Tüür's Symbiosis.]
Erasmus Music & Media WVH 269 Amstel Saxophone Quartet: Straight Lines (March 14, 2002 release in the Netherlands)
Erdenklang 29612 Looking East - Electronic East
Eres CD 03 Andres Uibo: Estonian Organ Music
Eres CD 05 Andres Uibo: Estonian Organ Music 2
Finlandia 0630 12244 2 Estonian Experience
Finlandia 0630 11421 2 Northern Lights Vol. 1 (American Edition)
Finlandia 0630 14952 2 Northern Lights Vol. 2 (European Edition)
Finlandia 0630 17282 2 L'expérience estonienne
Finlandia 0630 18435 2 The Baltic Trio: Pastoral of Computerized World
Finlandia 0630 95579 2 Erkki Sven Tüür: Oratorio "Ante Finem Saeculi"/Symphony No. 2
Finlandia 3984 20793 2 Estonie
Finlandia 3984 21435 2 Cantus - Estonian Chamber Music from the 1990's
Finlandia 3984 21448 2 Ostrobothnian Chamber Orchestra: The Heino Eller School
Finlandia 3984 23014 2 Song of Dawn
Finlandia 3984 26810 2 Jubilee Box 4 - A Baltic Collection
Finlandia 3984 26811 2 Jubilee Box 5 - An Estonian Collection
Finlandia 3984 29718 2 Ostrobothnian Chamber Orchestra: Lighthouse
Finlandia 4509 95704 2 Lauri Väinmaa: Estonian Piano Music
Finlandia 4509 95704 2 Erkki-Sven Tüür: Architectonics
Finlandia 4509 97893 2 Peteris Vasks: Cantabile and other Baltic Works for String Orchestra Vol. 2
Finlandia 8573 82187 2 Erkki-Sven Tüür: Desert Island
ION 01-01/02 Internationale Orgelwoche Nürnberg - Musik des 20. Jahrhunderts (late 2001 Release in Germany only)
Ondine ODE 767-2 Hommage à Sibelius
Pianocircus PCD003 Piano Circus: Transmission (early 2002 Release in UK only)
PM CD 01 Peeter Malkov - Sisemonoloog / Inner Monologue
Simax Classics PSC 1163 The Military Bands of the Norwegian Armed Forces: 21 Marches for the 21st Century
Teldec 0630 14654 2 Gidon Kremer: From My Home
The International Music Company AG 60116-215 Vaistism: Neue Musik aus Estland (2002 release in Germany only, available by international mailorder) * Disc detail page added on the March 16, 2004 update *
Unknown Public UP12 Talking Drums (2001 Release in UK only, available by international subscription and mailorder) * Disc detail page added on the March 16, 2004 update *
Unknown Public UP13 Changing Platforms - 30 Years of the Contemporary Music Network (late 2001 Release in UK only, available by international subscription and mailorder)
Virgin Classics 7243 5 45212 2 5 Paavo Järvi: Searching for roots
Virgin Classics 7243 5 61993 2 3 Paavo Järvi: Estonia - Pärt Tüür Tubin (late 2002 release in Europe)
ZKP CD No.4 (042521 ZKP-4) Warsaw Autumn 2001 (Release in 2002 in Poland? Availability is uncertain, except through private sources in Poland - disc is produced by the Polish Composers Union)

Unconfirmed Releases
Unconfirmed AWSO - 110 American Wind Symphony Orchestra: In the Memory of Clear Water (Availability uncertain)

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