Erkki-Sven Tüür on Vinyl LP + CDs with progressive rock works
Last Update: October 28, 2000
A vinyl LP on the Soviet Union Melodiya label from the 1980's is the source for Tüür's earliest recordings as leader of the Estonian chamber rock ensemble "In Spe". This disc was recently reissued on CD by Estonian Radio. Also, a few other recordings contain Tüür's string arrangements for Estonian rock songs. The first of the recorded classical compositions appear on the Melodiya label as well. The Oratorio "Ante Finem Saeculi" and Symphony No. 2 have been reissued in CD format on the Finlandia label and Spectrum has been re-recorded for CD on the Eres Edition label.
The CDs with progressive rock compositions and arrangements for rock songs have been placed on this page to distinguish them from the contemporary compositions for "classical" ensembles on the Erkki-Sven Tüür on CD page.
Vinyl LPs with classical compositions
Erkki-Sven Tüür: Oratorio "Ante Finem Saeculi", Symphony No. 2 (1988) Melodiya C10 27187 009
Andres Uibo: Niguliste Kiriku Orel / The Organ of St. Nicholas Church (1990) Melodiya C10 30605 002
Vinyl LPs with progressive rock compositions
In Spe: In Spe (1983) Melodiya C60 19367 001
Kaseke: Põletus (1983) Melodiya C60 19829 008
Eesti Pop III (1984) Melodiya C60 20141 007
Eesti Pop IV (1984) Melodiya C60 20921 008
Vinyl LP with rock arrangements
Ultima Thule: Ultima Thule (1988) Melodiya C60 27763 009
CDs with progressive rock compositions
In Spe: In Spe (1999 reissue) Estonian Radio ERCD 028
Ruja: Need ei vaata tagasi... (1999 boxset) Hyper Elwood 474-0447-10162-0
Kaseke: Põletus / Sõnum (2000 reissue) Boheme Music CDBMR 008154
CD with rock arrangements
Ultima Thule: Ultima Thule + keelpillikvartett (1998) Elwood Muusik 0156 0011
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