Estonian Experience
Finlandia 0630-12244-2

1995 compilation disc with tracks selected from Finlandia's Estonian and Baltic Music Series recordings from the 1993-1995 period.
There is a France-only compilation entitled "L'expérience estonienne"; which is substantially the same release, except for a few track variations.
Compilation selection is unaccredited, although Peeter Vähi is given "Special thanks". Executive Producer: Jari Tiessalo.

Compositions by Erkki-Sven Tüür
Track 4. Insula Deserta (1989) 8:55 (Complete)
Ostrobothnian Chamber Orchestra / Juha Kangas
Track 7. Oratorio "Ante Finem Saeculi" (1985) Tempus II (text: Viivi Luik) 5:43 (Excerpt),
Vera Talesh: soprano solo, Estonian Philharmonic Oratorio Choir & Estonian Symphony Orchestra / Tõnu Kaljuste
Track 8. Piano Sonata (1985) Movement III. Allegro. Con moto 5:51 (Complete Movement III.)
Lauri Väinmaa: piano
Other composer's works on this compilation
Track 1. Arvo Pärt: Pari intervallo (1976) (arr. for kantele by Ritva Koistinen 6:04 (Complete)
Ritva Koistinen: kantele
Track 2. René Eespere: Trivium (1991) 5:58 (Excerpt)
Camerata Tallinn
Track 3. Urmas Sisask: Gloria Patri...(1988) I. Surrexit Christus, II. Omnis Una 4:57 (Excerpts from the complete work)
The Chamber Choir Eesti Projekt/Anne-Liis Treimann
Track 5. Lepo Sumera: Piece from the Year 1981 (1981) 7:06 (Complete)
Lauri Väinmaa: piano
Track 6. Veljo Tormis: Bridge of Song 4:10 (Complete)
Estonian Radio Choir/Toomas Kapten
Track 9. Urmas Sisask: Magnificat (1990) VIII. Esurientes 3:43 (Excerpt from the complete work)
The Chamber Choir Eesti Projekt/Anne-Liis Treimann
Track 10. Veljo Tormis: Estonian Lullaby: I Sing For My Child 1:21 (Complete)
Estonian Radio Choir/Toomas Kapten
Track 11. Veljo Tormis: God Protect Us from War (1984) 5:10 (Complete)
National Male Choir of Estonia
Track 12. Peeter Vähi: To His Highness Salvador D. (1988) III. Adagio 3:54 (Excerpt from the complete work)
Camerata Tallinn
Track 13. Urmas Sisask: Starry Sky Cycle - Ursa Minor (Peace) 3:17 (Excerpt from the complete work)
Lauri Väinmaa: piano
Commissions, Dedications, Premieres and Awards
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Music Publishers
Insula Deserta is published by M.P. Belaieff/C.F. Peters, Frankfurt
Oratorio "Ante Finem Saeculi", Piano Sonata are published by Edition Fazer.
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