drama.jpg Arvo Leibur / Terje Terasmaa / Heiki Mätlik: Drama
Eesti Raadio - HM 081001*

Recorded at the Estonian Radio Studios, Tallinn, Estonia in May 2001.
Recording engineer & editing: Maido Maadik; Producer: Heiki Mätlik / Arvo Leibur*.

Composition by Erkki-Sven Tüür
Track 6: Drama (1994) (version for vibraphone, violin and guitar) 11:07
Terje Terasmaa:vibraphone; Arvo Leibur:violin & Heiki Mätlik:guitar
Other composer's works on this CD
Track 1: Ester Mägi: Whoops / Huiked (arr. 2001) 10:24
Tracks 2.-4.: Raimo Kangro: Spring Imaginations / Kevadnägemused op.66 (2000) 10:49
Track 5: Arvo Pärt: Fratres 10:38
Track 7: Lepo Sumera: Quasi improvisata (1988) 6:36
Track 8: Peeter Vähi: Aleatory Heavy (2001) 10:42
musicians on all the above works - Terje Terasmaa:vibraphone; Arvo Leibur:violin & Heiki Mätlik:guitar
Commissions, Dedications, Premieres and Awards
Drama in its original version for flute, violin and guitar was written for and was dedicated to the Camerata Tallinn Chamber Ensemble of which the guitarist Heiki Mätlik is also a member..
Music Publisher
Drama is published by Eres Edition with the catalogue number Eres Edition 2177.
* Other Points of Interest and Links
There are no liner notes with this disc which is packaged in a single cardboard sleeve.
No catalogue number is printed on the sleeve and producers are not specifically credited. The catalogue number used above was obtained from a careful examination of the disc itself. The producers' credit is based on the disc being copyrighted as ©Heiki Mätlik/Arvo Leibur.
Information on this disc and its availability can be obtained by contacting Heiki Mätlik via e-mail at heiki.matlik@mail.ee
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