looking.jpg Looking East - Electronic East (Synthesizer Music from Estonia and Russia)
Erdenklang 29612

This is a compilation with recordings obtained from various composers and sources. Released in 1992.
Engineers: Various; Producer: Ulrich Rützel.

Composition by Erkki-Sven Tüür
Track 4. Ritual (1983) 5:09
Erkki-Sven Tüür: synthesizers / Hortus Musicus Early Music Ensemble / Andres Mustonen; Engineer: Mati Brauer.
Other composer's works on this disc
Track 1. Sven Grünberg: Ritual 1985 6:09
Track 2. Sven Grünberg: AOM 3:19
Track 3. Lepo Sumera: From 29 To 49 8:54
Featuring Boris Björn-Bagger : guitar.
Track 5. Peeter Vähi: Nine Mantras 10:28
Vocals: Johannes Skail and the members of the Estonian Buddhist Society.
Track 6. Eduard Artemyev: The Road To Nowhere 4:37
Track 7. Eduard Artemyev: The Well Of Eternity 3:58
Track 8. Mikhail Chekalin: Erotic Fish Marouani 3:00
Track 9. Mikhail Chekalin: Genetic Code 1:10
Track 10. Mikhail Chekalin: Origin Of Species 4:26
Track 11. Anton Batagov: Promenade 3 4:11
Track 12. Anton Batagov: Promenade 8 6:37
Track 13. Igor Chernjavsky: Voyage Through The Black Hole 5:50
Track 14. Vladimir Martynov: Song Of Morning 7:52
Aside from the specific performers identified above, it can be assumed that the composers themselves are the performers of the electronic music works.
Commissions, Dedications, Premieres and Awards
No further information about Ritual is known at the present time.
Music Publishers
Ritual is described as published by Erdenklang Musikverlag on the back cover of the CD booklet.
Other Points of Interest and Links
1. The CD liner notes consist of an introduction (in English and German) by Mikhail Chekalin, Sven Grünberg and Thomas Kunadt. For each composer, there is also a brief biography (in English and German), a list of major compositions and, in some cases, a brief discography.
2. Ritual is actually Ritual 1 of a 2-part work entitled Two Rituals for Chamber Ensemble and synthesizers.(original Estonian title: Kaks rituaali kammeransamblile ja süntesaatoreile). These compositions are from Tüür's student period and are not on his official works list.
3. This disc is not commonly available in music stores, but can be ordered on-line from the Erdenklang website.
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