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(subtitled: Eesti Heliloojad / Estonian Composers)
Elwood Muusik 4740156-002911

Recorded at the Estonian Radio Studios, Tallinn, Estonia from 1998 to 2000.
Engineer: Aili Jõeleht; Editor: Tiia Teder; Producer: Paul Pihlak.

Composition by Erkki-Sven Tüür
Track 5: Symbiosis (1996) (for violin and double-bass) 11:44
Harry Traksmann: violin & Mati Lukk: double-bass (Members of The NYYD Ensemble) / Olari Elts
Other composer's works on this CD
Track 1: Jüri Reinvere (1971-): Loodekaar / Northwest Bow (2000) 14:43
The NYYD Ensemble / Olari Elts
Track 2: Mart Siimer (1967-): Ämblik / Spider (19??) (for string quartet) 6:55
Harry Traksmann & Merje Hallik: violin; Mall Help: viola; Leho Karin: cello. (Members of The NYYD Ensemble) / Olari Elts
Track 3: Mari Vihmand (1967-): Küsimus / La question (19??) 7:34
Kalev Kuljus: oboe (Member of The NYYD Ensemble) / Olari Elts
Track 4: Toivo Tulev (1958-): Quella sera (1996) 11:05
The NYYD Ensemble / Olari Elts
Track 6: Helena Tulve (1972-): á travers (1998) 10:17
The NYYD Ensemble / Olari Elts
Commissions, Dedications, Premieres and Awards
Symbiosis was written for and was dedicated to Dutch violinist Helge Slaato and German double-bassist Frank Reinecke and was premiered by them on May 7, 1996 in Berlin, Germany.
Music Publisher
Symbiosis is published by Edition Peters with catalogue number EP 8915.
Other Points of Interest and Links
The CD liner notes on each composer are by music journalist Immo Mihkelson.
The composer Helena Tulve (see Track 6.) was a student of Erkki-Sven Tüür in the early 1990's.
Information on the record company Elwood Muusik is available at their own website.
Information on the NYYD Ensemble can be seen at their own website and they can be contacted via e-mail at nyydens@online.ee
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