Veljo Tormis Bibliography (work in progress)
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Last update: March 30, 2003
Note that the following does not include the publications of Veljo Tormis' scores which will be documented separately.
The separate groupings below each contain their entries in chronological order with the most recent at the top.

The entries are templated as follows: Book Title in Bold (with translation in brackets if it was not already a part of the original title) by Author's Name. Publisher (Translated Publisher). City of Publication. Year of Publication. Number of pages. ISBN Number (if available, many earlier Estonian books do not have them), [language of text in bold with square brackets] followed by any observations or items to note in italics with some items in red if information is partially unknown or if there is something especially to note. Entries that are new or updated as of the most recent posting will be shown in dark blue font.
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Veljo Tormis own writings including collaborations (work in progress)

Jonni pärast heliloojaks! (A Composer Out of Spite!). by Veljo Tormis and Priit Kuusk. Prisma Prindi Kirjastus (Prisma Print Publishers), Tallinn. 2000. 472 pgs. ISBN 9985-9255-6-4 [in Estonian] Veljo Tormis' autobiography as related to journalist Priit Kuusk in interviews. 
Lauldud sõna (The Sung Word). by Veljo Tormis and Urve Lippus. Tartu Ülikooli Kirjastus (University of Tartu Publishers), Tartu. 2000. 274 pgs. ISBN 9985-56-506-1 [in Estonian] This contains the texts/photos/musical examples of 10 lecture demonstrations delivered by Veljo Tormis to students at Tartu University in 1997 on various aspects of his life and music. They are collected here by Urve Lippus.
Regilaulik (Regisong Book) [2nd Edition]. by Ülo Tedre and Veljo Tormis. SP Muusikaprojekt Publishers, Tallinn. 1999. 120 pgs. (no ISBN number) [in Estonian]
Rahvalaul ja meie - artiklid, intervjuud, kommentaarid (Folksong and Us - articles, interviews, commentaries). by Veljo Tormis (collected by Valve Jürisson). SP Muusikaprojekt Publishers, Tallinn. 1997. 60 pgs. (no ISBN number) [in Estonian] 
Lahemaa vanad laulud (Old Songs of Lahemaa). by R. Mirov, I. Rüütel and V. Tormis. Kirjastus "Eesti Raamat", Tallinn. 1977. (no ISBN number) [in Estonian]
Regilaulik (Regisong Book) [1st Edition]. by Ülo Tedre and Veljo Tormis. (Publisher not known) Tallinn. 1975. (no ISBN number) [in Estonian]
search in progress for further writings.

Biographical Texts on Veljo Tormis by Other Writers (work in progress)

Ancient Song Recovered - The Music of Veljo Tormis by Mimi S. Daitz. Pendragon Press, 2003. ISBN 1-57647 -009-1 [in English] (NOT YET PUBLISHED but Summer 2003 is the expected time of publication)
Eesti entsüklopeedia Volume 9 [from Sun - to Türg] (Estonian Encyclopaedia Volume 9). Eesti Entsüklopeediakirjastus, Tallinn. 1996. 704 pgs. ISBN 5-89900-047-3 [in Estonian] The biographical entry on Veljo Tormis is on pg. 486 and includes a list of major compositions.
Eesti muusika biograafiline leksikon (Estonian Music Biographical Lexicon). by an editorial board with Avo Hirvesoo as chairman. Kirjastus Valgus, Tallinn. 1990. 304 pgs. ISBN 5-89900-008-2 [in Estonian] The biographical entry on Veljo Tormis is on pgs. 264-266 and is written by Avo Hirvesoo and includes a list of works, published scores, major LP discography, and a short bibliography.
Veljo Tormis. by Irina Bobõkina. Sovetskij Kompositor (Soviet Composer Publishers), Moscow. 1989. 254 pgs. ISBN 5-85285-066-7 [in Russian] Contains photographs, biographical information, analysis of compositions, bibliography and an LP discography.
Estonian Music. by Harry Olt. Kirjastus Perioodika, Tallinn. 1980. 256 pgs. (no ISBN number) [in English] Pgs. 148-150 are a brief biographical entry on Veljo Tormis with a list of chief works from 1955 to 1977.
Kuus Eesti tänase muusika loojat (Six Estonian Contemporary Music Composers). Eesti Raamat Publishers, Tallinn, 1970. 168 pgs. (no ISBN number) [in Estonian] Veljo Tormis is one of the six composers whose work is examined in this book. The Veljo Tormis chapter is written by Heljo Tauk and is on pgs. 130-159.
Eesti heliloojad ja muusika-teadlased biograafiline leksikon (Estonian Composers and Musicologists - Biographical Lexicon). Eesti Raamat Publishers, Tallinn, 1966. 120 pgs. (no ISBN number) [in Estonian] Includes a brief biographical entry on Veljo Tormis on pgs. 103-104.

Other published works with relevance to Veljo Tormis (work in progress)

Eesti Filharmoonia Kammerkoor 1996-2001 (Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir 1996-2001). by Kersti Inno. A private publication by the Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir, Tallinn, 2001. 176 pgs. (no ISBN number) [in Estonian] A continuation of the history of the Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir from its 15th Anniversary in 1996 to its 20th Anniversary in 2001. 
Valgeid laike eesti muusikaloost (Suppressed History from the Story of Estonian Music). Eesti Muusikaakadeemia, Tallinn, 2000. 190 pgs. (ISBN 9985-851-38-2 and ISBN 9985-9245-7-6) [in Estonian] This contains "Eesti muusika muutumises: viis viimast aastakümmet" (Estonian Music in Transition: The Last Five Decades) by Merike Vaitmaa. pgs. 135-181 where Veljo Tormis is frequently mentioned.
Filharmoonia Kammerkoori lugu 1966-1996 (The story of the Philharmonic Chamber Choir 1966-1996). by Ene Pilliroog. A private publication by the Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir, Tallinn. 1996. 64 pgs. (no ISBN number) [in Estonian] Contains an overview history of the Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir from its beginnings as the Tallinn Pioneer Palace Children's Choir in 1951, to the Ellerhein Children's Choir in 1966 and the Ellerhein Chamber Choir in 1974 to its formal professional founding in 1981 by Tõnu Kaljuste, through to its 15th Anniversary in 1996.
Estonian Music. by Harry Olt. Kirjastus Perioodika, Tallinn. 1980. 256 pgs. (no ISBN number) [in English] Besides the Veljo Tormis biographical note mentioned above, this is also an excellent general, all purpose introduction to Estonian classical music and composers for the English reader.
Eesti rahvalaulud I-IV (Estonian Folksongs, Volumes One to Four). by Ülo Tedre. Eesti Raamat Kirjastus (Estonian Book Publishers), Tallinn, 1969 to 1975. (Unknown # of total pgs.) (no ISBN numbers) [in Estonian] A treasure trove of Estonian folksong lyrics (without melodies, however) as collected and edited by Ülo Tedre with commentaries and notes collected in Volume IV. Volumes I, II and III are each printed in two separate books i.e. I1, I2, II1, II2, III1 and III2.
Eesti rahvalaule viisidega I-V (Estonian Folksongs with their Melodies, Volumes One to Five). by Herbert Tampere. Eesti Riiklik Kirjastus (Estonian State Publishers) for Volumes I-III, Eesti Raamat Kirjastus (Estonian Book Publishers) for Volume IV, Valgus Kirjastus (Illumination Publishers) for Volume V, Tallinn (all Volumes). 1956 to 1965. (Unknown # of total pgs.) (no ISBN numbers) [in Estonian, with commentaries repeated in Russian translations] A treasure trove of Estonian folksong lyrics and melodies as collected by Herbert Tampere with extensive notes and commentary in each Volume.
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