Choral Works by Veljo Tormis

published by Eres Edition, Lilienthal/Bremen, Germany
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Updated on March 22, 2003

Works for mixed choir

Kihnu pulmalaulud / Wedding Songs from Kihnu Island (Est/Ger) ERES 3046 (EUR 6,20)

1. Ei või õnneta elada / Ohne Glück kann man nicht leben / Cannot live without happiness
2. Peiu pilkamine / Die Verspottung des Bräutigams / Mocking the Groom
3. Ilu kaob õue pealt / Die Schönheit geht vom Hof / Beauty Disappears From The Yard
4. Sööge, langud! / Esst, Schwäger! / Eat, My in-laws!

Works for male choir

Kaksikpühendus (Diptühhon) / Double Dedication (Est) Eres EEET 104 (EUR 2,60)

1. Ühte laulu tahaks laulda / One Song I Would Like To Sing
2. Tähed / Stars

Tasase maa laul / A Song about a Flat Land (Est) Eres EEET 301 (EUR 2,60)

Viimane laev (Valse triste) / The Last Ship (Valse triste) (Est) Eres EEET 103 (EUR 2,60)

Ühtehoidmiselaul / A Song about Keeping Together (Est) Eres EEET 101 (EUR 3,60)

Works for female choir

Kolm laulu Paul-Eerik Rummo sõnadele / Three Songs to Words by Paul-Eerik Rummo (Est) Eres EEET 301 (EUR 6,20)

1. Kassikangas / Cat's Cradle
2. Vanatädi koob / The Old Aunt Knits
3. Punased pihlakad / Red Mountain Ash

Est = Estonian, Ger = German.

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