Läbilõige Eesti Koorimuusikast (Review of Estonian Choral Music)
EKM001-003  ©2002 Eesti Kooriühing, Eesti Laulu- ja Tantsupeo Sihtasutus ja Eesti Raadio (Estonian Choral Union, Estonian Song and Dance Festival Foundation and Estonian Radio).

Compilation producer:Jüri Rent; CD pre-mastering:Maido Maadik; Design:Atko Januson; Photos:Gustav German.
The recordings are compiled from performances recorded from 1972 to 2002 by Estonian Radio, the Forte Record Company or are provided courtesy of the choirs themselves.
There are no details provided about the specific dates of recording or the producers/engineers of the individual tracks.

Compositions by Veljo Tormis
CD One -
Track 22. Sööge, langud
tsüklist "Seitseteist eesti pulmalaulu" (Eat, My In-Laws!) from the cycle "17 Estonian Wedding Songs" (Text: folklore) [1988] 0:35 Estonian Youth Mixed Choir / Taavi Esko
Track 23. Palju veimi tsüklist "Seitseteist eesti pulmalaulu" (Many Gifts from the Bride) from the cycle "17 Estonian Wedding Songs" (Text: folklore) [1988] 1:06 Estonian Youth Mixed Choir / Taavi Esko
Track 24. Lauliku lapsepõli tsüklist "Laulud laulust ja laulikust" (The Singer's Childhood) from the cycle "Songs about Song and the Singer" (Text:folklore ) [1966] 2:11 Ellerhein Children's Choir / Heino Kaljuste
CD Two -
Track 16. Pikse litaania (Litany to Thunder) (Text: Ain Kaalep based on folklore) [1974] 4:48 Estonian National Male Choir, Ivar Laide (tenor), Kaljo Räästas (bass), Tauno Vahter (drum) / Kuno Areng
Track 17. Jaani hobu tsüklist "Jaanilaulud" ("Eesti kalendrilaulud") (St. John's Steed) from the cycle "St. John's Day Songs" ("Estonian Calendar Songs") (Text: folklore) [1967] 1:19 Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir / Tõnu Kaljuste
Track 18. Jaanilaul tsüklist "Jaanilaulud" ("Eesti kalendrilaulud") (St. John's Song) from the cycle "St. John's Day Songs" ("Estonian Calendar Songs") (Text: folklore) [1967] 5:04 Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir / Tõnu Kaljuste
Track 19. Virmalised tsüklist "Talvemustrid" ("Looduspildid") (Northern Lights) from the cycle "Winter Patterns" ("Nature Pictures") (Text: Andrus Ehin) [1968] 2:06 Ellerhein Girl's Choir / Tiia-Ester Loitme
CD Three -
Track 11. Kolm mul oli kaunist sõna (Three I Had Those Words of Beauty) (Text: Paul-Eerik Rummo) [1962] 5:47 Estonian National Male Choir, Peeter Malkov (flute) / Ants Soots
Track 12. Laulja (The Singer) (Text: Kristjan Jaak Peterson) [1974] 5:22 Estonian National Male Choir, Rolf Uusväli (organ), Kalju Terasmaa, Ole Valgma (percussion) / Olev Oja

Except for CD Three - Track 12 which is uncredited, all of the other above tracks are credited as being recorded by Estonian Radio. However both CD Two - Track 16 and CD Three - Track 12 seem to be identical to the recordings of Pikse litaania and Laulja previously released on LP as Melodiya C10 13959-60 and later on CD as Forte Records 0019/2 .

Other composers, works, performers and conductors on this collection
The details of the other composers (31), other works (60) and the other performers and conductors on this 3 disc box set are beyond the scope of this website. If you are interested in details, please email me at
Commissions, Dedications, Premieres and Awards
Pikse litaania (Litany To Thunder) is dedicated to Kuno Areng, who conducts the performance on this present disc.
The Eesti kalendrilaulud were written for two large amateur choirs, the Female and Male Choirs of the Estonian Academy of Sciences, and the entire cycle was premiered by them on June 6, 1968 under conductor Arvo Ratassepp (1926-1986). The series Jaanilaulud received the Soviet Estonia Prize in 1970.
Laulja (The Singer) is dedicated to conductor/composer Gustav Ernesaks, who was the founder of the Estonian State Academic Male Choir (now called the Estonian National Male Choir), and it includes quotes from his compositions Mu isamaa on minu arm (My Fatherland, My Love) and Lauliku talveüksindus (The Winter Solitude of the Singer) which can be distinguished during the solfeggio portions of the text.
Music Publishers
Publishing information for the Veljo Tormis works is not provided in this box set's information but the current publishing information is provided here. The scores for Seitseteist eesti pulmalaulu (CD One - Tracks 22 and 23) Laulja (CD Three - Track 12), Pikse litaania (CD Two - Track 16), Jaanilaulud and the complete Estonian Calendar Songs (excerpts on CD Two - Tracks 17 and 18) and Talvemustrid and the complete Looduspildid (excerpt on CD Two - Track 19) are published by Fennica Gehrman Oy Ab. The score for Lauliku lapsepõli and the complete Laulud laulust ja laulikust (excerpt on CD One - Track 24) is published by Kirjastus Muusika. The score for Kolm mul oli kaunist sõna (CD Three - Track 11) is published by edition 49.
Other Points of Interest and Links
Estonian and English titles are given for all of the works in this boxset along with track timings, details of soloists, choirs and conductors. Dates of performances and recordings are not provided. Texts of songs are not provided. There is a short introductory text to Estonian choral music by Tiia Järg and brief single paragraph biographies of the 32 composers (in both Estonian and English (translation by Urve Läänemets)).
The number of works by Veljo Tormis (9) on this boxset, which could easily have been titled Greatest Hits of the Estonian Choral Repertoire, is the largest number by a single composer, with the next largest numbers being 4 or 5 works by several other composers (Gustav Ernesaks, Miina Härma, Cyrillus Kreek, Mart Saar, Rudolf Tobias and Eduard Tubin).

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