Yang Style 40 Forms

Based on the 1989 revised form from the Beijing Athletic College


Attention Stance (Wu Ji)

  1. Commencing Form

  2. Grasp Bird's Tail (Ward Off, Pull Back, Press Forward and Punch)

  3. Single Whip

  4. Raise Hands, Step Up and Shoulder Stroke

  5. White Crane Spreads its Wings

  6. Brush Knee, Twist Step and Punch (3 times - left, right, left)

  7. Play the Fiddle

  8. Chop with Fist, Step Up, Deflect Parry and Punch with Fist

  9. Apparent Close Up

  10. Slanting Flying (Diagonal Flying)

  11. Fist under Elbow

  12. Step Back and Whirl Arms (Repulse Monkey - 2 times - right and left)

  13. Work at Shuttles (left and right)

  14. Wild Horse Ruffles its Mane (left and right)

  15. Wave Hands Like Clouds (3 times - right, left, right)

  16. Single Whip

  17. Pat the High Horse

  18. Right Heel Kick

  19. Strike Opponent's Ears with Both Fists

  20. Separation of Left Foot and Kick

  21. Turn Around and Right Heel Kick

  22. Pick up Needle at the Sea Bottom

  23. Unfurl the Fan (pull, block and punch)

  24. White Snake put out its Tongue

  25. Step Up and Pat the Right Foot

  26. Subdue the Tiger (strike left and right)

  27. Right Snake Creeps Down

  28. Golden Rooster Stands with One Leg (2 times - left and right)

  29. Step Up and Punch Pubic Region

  30. Grasp Bird's Tail (ward off, pull back, press forward and punch)

  31. Single Whip

  32. Left Snake Creeps Down

  33. Step Up and form Seven Stars

  34. Retreat and Ride on a Tiger

  35. Turn Around and Kick Horizontally

  36. Pull the Bow and Shoot the Tiger

  37. Chop with Fist , Step Up, Deflect Parry and Punch with Fist

  38. Apparent Close Up

  39. Cross Hands

  40. Closing Form

Attention Stance (Wu Ji)