Books, Magazines and Videos That I Have Found Helpful

by: Al Duncan
(last updated 19 Aug 2002)

All prices are in Canadian dollars (CDN$)

T'ai Chi Magazine (from the U.S.)  ($5.75/issue)
    ISSN 0730-1049
    Subscription orders: 1-800-888-9119
    web site -
    An excellent magazine, six issues per year.

Pain Free - A Revolutionary Method for Stopping Chronic Pain ($21.95)
    by: Pete Egoscue - ISBN 0-553-37988-7
    Chapter 11 on neck and head problems has excellent exercises to help open the mingmen (straighten the lower back), an important requirement in Taijiquan

Pain Free at Your PC ($16.95)
   by: Pete Egoscue - ISBN 0-553-38052-4
   A second book on using various simple exercises to cure chronic pain.

Opening the Energy Gates of Your Body  ($19.95)
    by: B.K. Frantzis - ISBN 1-55643-164-3
    A good book for beginning and intermediate study of Taijiquan and Qigong.

The Power of Internal Martial Arts  ($28.95)
    by: B.K. Frantzis - ISBN 1-55643-253-4
    Contains much information on various internal styles.

The Tao of Tai-Chi Chuan, Way to Rejuvenation
    by: Jou, Tsung Hwa - ISBN 0-8048-1357-4
    Contains information on some of the more advanced concepts of Qigong and Taijiquan.

The Way of Energy  ($21.50)
    by: Master Lam Kam Chuen - ISBN 0-671-73645-0
    A good book on Zhan Zhuang (standing like a tree).

Chi Kung - The Way of Healing  ($26.50)
    By: Master Lam Kam Chuen - ISBN 0-7679-0339-0
    An excellent book on Qigong for beginning and intermediate studies.

The Book of Soft Martial Arts  ($25.95)
    By: Howard Reid - ISBN 0-8348-0460-3
    An introduction to Chi Kung, Hsing I, Pa Kua and Tai Chi

The T'ai Chi Boxing Chronicle  ($24.50)
    by: Kuo Lien-Ying - ISBN 1-55643-177-5
    A book on Taijiquan for intermediate/advanced students.

There Are No Secrets  ($23.25)
    by: Wolfe Lowenthal - ISBN 1-55643-112-0
    An excellent book on the life and teachings of Cheng Man-ch'ing.

Gateway To The Miraculous  ($23.25)
    by: Wolfe Lowenthal - ISBN 1-883319-13-7
    A second book on the life and teachings of Cheng Man-ch'ing.

Complete Tai-Chi  ($28.95)
    by: Master Alfred Huang - ISBN 0-8048-1897-5
    A Wu style book, contains excellent translations by the author of eight classic writings on Taijiquan of any style.

Chi Kung, The Chinese Art of Mastering Energy  ($23.95)
    by: Yves Requena - ISBN 0-89281-639-2
    A book on Qigong.

The Root of Chinese Qigong  ($34.95)
   by: Yang, Jwing-Ming - ISBN 1-886969-50-7
   A comprehensive book on Qigong

Mastering Yang Style Taijiquan  ($26.00)
     by: Fu Zhongwen (translated by Louis Swaim) - ISBN 1-55643-318-2
     A book on Yang style forms practice for intermediate/advanced.

Ultimate Guide to Tai Chi  ($27.95)
    Edited by: John R. Little & Curtis F. Wong- ISBN 0-8092-2833-5
    A collection of articles from "Inside Kung-Fu" magazine

Mind Over Matter - Higher Martial Arts ($18.25)
    by: Shi Ming - ISBN 1-883319-15-3
    A book on the science of mind/body and the refinement of consciousness for the advanced student

Beyond the Known - The Ultimate Goal of the Martial Arts ($18.95)
   by: Tri Thong Dang - ISBN 0-8048-1891-6
   An excellent book using a story and anecdotes about a martial arts master and his disciples to explain the spirit of martial arts.

Building a Jade Screen - Better Health with Chinese Medicine ($24.95)
   by: Dr. Hong Zhen Zhu - ISBN 0-13-089730-2
   A good book on the concepts and use of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Relaxing Into Your Being - Breathing, Chi & Dissolving the Ego ($32.50)
   by: B.K. Frantzis - ISBN 1-55643-407-3
   A book on the water method of Taoist Meditation (volume 1)

The Great Stillness - Body Awareness, Moving Meditation & Sexual Chi Gung ($32.50)
   by: B.K. Frantzis - ISBN 1-55643-408-1
   A book on the water method of Taoist Meditation (volume 2)

T'ai-chi Touchstones: Yang Family Secret Transmissions ($18.50)
  compiled & translated by Douglas Wile - ISBN 0-912059-01-X
  An excellent book with many translations of old works, for the advanced student.

Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan - Ancient Chinese Way to Health ($27.95)
   by: Dr. Wen Zee  -  ISBN 1-55642-389-1
   A book on some of the teachings of Ma Yueh-liang. Information applicable to any style of Taijiquan.

Chan Ssu Chin, Silk Reeling Cocoon Training Exercises
    by: Zhang Xue Xin - Video
    Illustrates a number of exercises to help develop internal body connection.

Qigong - Traditional Chinese Exercises for Healing Body, Mind and Spirit
    by: Ken Cohen - Video
    An excellent introduction to Qigong techniques, includes 6 Healing Sounds Qigong.

Breathing - The Master Key to Self Healing ($29.50)
    by: Andrew Weil, M.D. - 2 Audio Cassettes - ISBN 1-56455-730-8
    A good introduction to how breath work can influence body and mind.

The Power of Qi ($43.50)
    by: Ken Cohen - 3 Audio Cassettes - ISBN 1-56455-734-0
    Tape #1: Healthy Breathing - Breathing Techniques for a Healthy Mind and Body.
    Tape #2: Taoist Healing Imagery - Traditional Chinese Healing Visualization Exercises.
    Tape #3: Qigong Meditations - Taoist Inner Healing Exercises.
    Excellent information on breath control and Qigong techniques.

Journal of Asian Martial Arts (magazine from the U.S.)
    ISSN 1057-8358
    Although most articles are on external styles, some issues have articles on internal styles.

Qi Magazine (from the U.K.)
    web site -