The Three Straight Lines

The most important aspect of body alignment

By: Al Duncan

The three "straight" lines are one of the most important concepts to develop and is a key to internal body connection. The first straight line connects the Baihui (GV-20) on the top of the head to the Huiyin (CV-1) located in front of the anus. One should imagine this line lengthening and shortening with the breath. This line passes through another point - Tanzhong (CV-17) located in line with the nipples, but you should not focus too much on this point. The other two straight lines (left side and right side)  connect the Jianjing (GB-21) point on the shoulder to the center of the hip joint, and the hip joint to the Yongquan (K-1) point on the bottom of the foot. Note that the center of the knee joint should also be kept in a plane between points 4 and 5 in the diagram.

Proper establishment of these three lines will allow all the body weight to be supported by the bones, the muscles can be emptied out. The whole body should feel empty and free from tension. When the lines through points 3, 4 and 5 are set up and the "shoulder well" is connected to the "Gushing spring" then the shoulder will feel connected to the feet. Power from the ground can now be transferred to the hand.

The easiest way to obtain connection to the hand is to "hang" the arm between the relaxed/dropped shoulder and the Laogong point on the hand. Develop the feeling that you are moving the Laogong point, not the hand.

Of course to succeed in properly creating these three lines of connection, various other requirements of proper body alignment must have been developed. Mention of these; such as loosening up the ankles and shoulders, straightening the lower spine, opening the Mingmen etc. can be found elsewhere on my web pages



Important Acu-points Relating to the Three Straight Lines




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