Wooden Sword Construction

by: Al Duncan



A good quality wooden sword can be made for less than 5 dollars (Canadian), assuming you already own the tools, glue etc. required.

A drawing is shown in the construction diagram in MS PowerPoint or construction diagram in TIFF format.

The blade is made from a 1/4 inch thick piece of wood that is 1-1/2 inches wide and 3 feet long. I have been using Poplar because it is strong yet easy to work with and available from the Home Depot chain of stores in this area (although you may have to "sight down" several pieces to find one that is straight and not warped). The handle is made from 1-3/8 inch diameter hardwood dowel which is cut to a 6 inch length and rounded on one end (I use a router bit to do this). A hand-plane is used to flatten the sides of the handle slightly so that it fits comfortably in the hand. A good quality wood glue (I use Lepage "sure grip" Carpenter's Glue) is used to assemble the pieces, and a wood stain (I use some deck stain) gives the finished sword a nice look. The handle is wrapped with cloth tape (use white hockey stick tape not the black tape as this has chemicals that will be absorbed into your skin).

Aluminum tape around the tip is used to hide the two drilled holes with the round lead fishing weights glued in them. The bolt screwed into a hole in the handle is a 3/8" by 1 inch stainless steel one, and is required to give the proper feel of balance.