Women Who Have Declined My Marriage Proposals

This is TiNkA. It should be very obvious why she is on this page. First of all, she is a very attractive woman with dark hair and dark eyes. (I'm very weak when it comes to that) But also, notice what she is wearing? Such a nice t-shirt. She has very good taste in clothes.

This is Julia. We have a War of Roses going on and after suffering some crippling blows, I am poised to win the War.

This is Isobel Campbell and she is a member of Belle and Sebastian. Isobel has the voice of an angel, and plays the cello, which is capable of the most amazing melodies in her hands. And on top of all that Isobel is very pretty.

This link will take you to Tiger Girl. She is friends with Sexychyck. I really like this site and I especially like getting her cryptic e-mails.

This is Sexychyck. Her site is a wonderful parody of some other sites, and has lots to do and tons of interesting stuff.

If you would like me to include your web page here, please e-mail me the URL. The only guidelines I have are that it not be a commercial site and you have to be interesting. Turning down a marriage proposal is not a requirement. If you don't have a website and you want to turn down a marriage proposal then just send me your picture.

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