The Wonderful Poetry of Belda Lynds

It's not often that I am struck by poetry, that is why I am so glad that my friend Belda has agreed to display some of her wonderful poetry. I'm sure you too will be swept away in her masterful use of word and rhythm. You can see more of her work by visiting her home page at

Belda's Web of Poetry


Eagerly, I place my lips,
Upon your very own,
A taste like honeydew,
Have you ever known?

And as I gently probe,
The wonder of your taste,
Words are not now needed,
Just take me by the waist.

Touching me all over,
You may go where you dare,
For I shall not resist,
Touch me, everywhere.

Take me to the height,
That I have never been,
I want the fire works,
That I have never seen.

Please, quench my thirst,
For I, am so on fire,
Satisfy your own hunger,
That is now my desire.

This it has to be heaven,
I have never been so high,
As you gently lay me down,
Breathless, hear my sigh.

Never within this life,
To know such ecsatsy,
I pray it lasts forever,
What you have given me.


Gently brushing lips;
Warm tender embraces;
Moist, soft lashes;
Caressing our faces.

The essence of passion;
Satisfaction we share;
Flesh heated by desire;
With urgency we so dare.

Whispering of passions;
It is such pure delight;
Extracting love's nectar;
During a blissful night.


The sun is slowly fading,
And the moon is rising high.
It is the time for romance,
Do you hear me softly sigh?

Shadows dance across the wall,
From flickering candle light.
A blanket spread by fireplace,
Where we will spend the night.

I will get the scented oil,
As you light a log to fire.
Laying upon the blanket warm,
Are you sensing my desire?

Oiled bodies are glistening,
Very tenderly we do touch.
Kisses with soft caresses,
That we both enjoy so much.

Ah, sweet cries of ecstasy,
It is such a joyful sound.
Racing hearts, beat in time,
By the bliss that is found.

All the night, we now have,
To spend as we do explore.
The wonders of each other,
Laying here, on the floor.

Tasting love's sweet nectar,
How much will we endure?
Can we last the night through,
Oh yes, of this, I'm sure.

The sun is slowly rising,
Our passion has been spent.
Within this carnal bliss,
Wonder where, the night went!


So all alone, just the two of us;
No one can hear our erotic pleasure.
Forbidden touches, passionate kisses;
This ecstasy is for us to treasure.

As the heated passion does overflow;
The present is ours, forget the past.
Let us live only for this very moment;
The world gone, problems disappear fast.

Our hearts do beat in a rhythmic time;
Just you and I alone, no one else knows.
No guilt, no remorse, climaxing emotions;
Eyes only on each other, the passion shows.

Flaming desires, setting each on fire;
Joining together, how easy to be as one.
Skin now glistening, eyes locked deeply;
Relishing the aftermath of what we done.


So daring, he slipped into my dreams;
Showing me a world of untold ecstasy;
Not a single word can I find to compare;
This sensual height to where he took me.

Enslaved I am by his whispers of passion;
How easily I did subcumb to his charms;
His touches came from so deeply within;
Eagerly I became entrapped in his arms.

Such is this sweet, sweet blissful dream;
That I do pray, from it, to never awaken;
But how quickly the new dawning does come;
In daylight, I'm left trembling and shaken.

Throughout the day, I carry this yearning;
I long for the night to quicken it's round;
A racing heart as I impatiently await him;
Compelled by my dream lover, I have found.


Spreading out a blanket,
Upon it two lovers lie,
A gentle breeze caresses,
As they softly do sigh.

Slowly they come together,
Tenderly, lips now meet,
Sharing a passionate kiss,
With a taste that is sweet.

The taste of love's nectar,
It is sweet and so devine,
Hearts now beating in time,
As they slowly do combine.

Arms and legs entwined,
Blissfully, bodies feel,
And, within each other,
This love does now seal.


Our eyes are locked into each other's;
Softly your fingers trace my cheek,
Pulling me close, `til we are as one.
In your eyes, I can see what you seek.

Gently you kiss me, a warmth spreads;
The awakening within, it is like fire.
Kisses become demanding, craving more;
Out of hibernation, comes my desire.

Time within ecstasy stands so very still.
Heated with passion, now molded as one;
We are one body, one heart, one soul,
This is how, it is meant to be done.

Craving no more, the passion is spent;
Our eyes slowly unlock, bodies now two,
`Til the awakening starts once again;
From this desire and love that is true.


Vision my two arms encircling you,
Nothing between us but a bit of lace,
And if we pledged our love so true,
Looking at each other face to face,
Would you?

When I get up and turn out the light,
And you thought that no one knew,
That you would spend a blissful night,
With my soft hands caressing you,
Would you?

If there was nothing to be amiss,
By spending the night in sloitude,
More to share than a tender kiss,
Skin on skin, bodies now nude,
Would You?

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Belda J. Lynds - All rights reserved, not to be used without permission.