the clasp part 1

And now, with trembling hands and eyes that fail me, I will recount my tale and the extraordinary events that I was to witness. It was the time when Rome held dominion over the whole of the world and a new birth was beginning; it was the time for the traveler to travel. One required only the Greek and Latin tongue to be able to move freely. Those I had in abundance, as well as my native Gallic. I was leaving a small village near the ocean in north-western Gaul, I was on my way to experience the world.

There is an occurrence that deserves first note as it was to have great effect upon my later life. It happened soon after I had set upon my journey. I was in my twentieth year and in the finest from my body would ever be. All my senses were at their most acute, and I desired immensely to put them to their best use. My brain was filled with knowledge and lacking the wisdom to use this knowledge; all contained in a body with hardened muscle and clever hands. It was the first time I was to feel that I was part of the natural of this world.

Spring had arrived with the equinox or so the map of the heavens revealed. A hot wind had blown in from the south and the clime was unusually warm for this time of year. The snows had long melted and in the blazing sun the earth was warming and bringing new life to the season. The nights still held a chill that would enter the bones of the unwary, yet the coming of summer was heralded to all. Soon the rains would be upon the land and the food would be abundant. Now it was scarce.

It was on this day as I was seeking a morsel to quell my hunger that my story is to account. The sun had risen high into the morning sky and the air and the ground were warm and comforting. From afar I'd spied a pond and it was to there that I was approaching in search of my meal. Perhaps I would find luck and there would be fish or fowl to be caught, or I would settle upon what vegetation I could forage.

The tall grasses hid me from view as I slowly made my way to the water's edge. Moving against the wind to avoid any detection I listened for the sounds of movement that was not my own. As I approached to a very short distance from the my goal, I heard a noise that stopped me. I could see the glassy surface of the water and ripples passed in front of me. I crouched into the cover of the grass and waited to see my prey unseen to each other. By the motions of the water, I could discern the precise location of where the source stood.

Stepping into my view came a magnificent crane whose beauty I had never before seen. She stood at the edge of the pond and was preening her soft grey plumage. She was a majestic creature and as the sun shimmered off the water it gave a golden aura about her.

Of a sudden she stretched her neck towards the sky and without sound she began to change before my eyes. What was before a bird of grace and flight was now a woman of higher grace and firmly rooted to the ground. And as the crane had possessed an unrivaled beauty, the woman was one thousand times her superior. I realized then that I was witnessing the transformation of a goddess.

There before me, for only my eyes to see, was the manifestation of all I had learned in my youth. She appeared to be of some nine and twenty years. Fully mature in her femininity. Crowning her head was long hair the colour of copper, her tresses cascading across her shoulders and neck. My eyes followed her hair down her uncovered body to see the shape of her back narrow at her waist and widen again along her hips. Her thighs and her legs were perfect symmetry as they reached down to the ground to support her on what seemed clouds. She turned to face me, but not seeing me, and I could see that her beauty continued around her. Again I saw her hips and she was the most woman of all woman that had ever been. It was then that I felt my spirit leave me to be with her. Her body was pulling me toward her and I felt the urge to flee. My heart was pounding such that I could hear it exploding from my chest.

Then her eyes rested on my gaze and she smiled. Never had I felt so comforted by a smile as I did now. She moved toward me and because the distance between us was close, she was standing before me before I could realize. She extended her hand to me and unconsciously I took it. She raised me and in a trance I found myself standing. I was taller than her and as she looked up at me with her comforting smile I was able to see clearly the features of her face. Her eyes were like pieces of jade and they drew my vision deep inside her. I felt as though I was leaving through a gateway to another realm; never to return.

Placing her hands upon my shoulders she raised herself, closed her eyes, and kissed me full upon my lips. My anxiety vanquished then; once and for all. My arms circled her tiny frame and I pulled her closer into my embrace. My fear had fled and returned as worship. We kissed each other with a passion that had been previously foreign to me. I was hungry for her, and she me. My hands moved to cup her delicate face and my lips nibbled upon hers, softly I drew them into my mouth and our tongues met in the interval.

My kisses moved to her cheek and then she leaned her head back to offer me her neck. I kissed the soft skin on her neck, my tongue tasting the salt of her sweat. My hands released her face and found their way to her waist. There they were to slide across the curve of her hips and return to her torso in a gentle stroking motion. Still I kissed her neck in the secret places that caused her delight. She shrugged her shoulders and this drew my attention to their loveliness. As my lips pressed onto the place where the neckline becomes the shoulder she let out her breath suddenly and I heard the air caress my ear. Her scent was that of a rose and I was becoming light of head with her so near.

My legs became weakened and I knelt before her in true worship. My hands upon her hips, I drew her close to me and kissed her chest, high between her breasts. My head was swimming in her aroma and I could hear the melody of birds as they sang our love song coupled with the sounds of my goddess as she was transfixed in what seemed her own trance. It was she now who took my head in her hands a directed me toward her breasts. I must stop now to describe these for they were none like I'd ever seen or heard tell of. They were neither large nor small but could only be described as of perfection. Her purply nipples were erect and resting at the mid point of the curve. My hands brushed softly across her nipples and she sighed with a tingling sensation coursing from them and deepening into a shudder as it reached her pelvis. I took one of her nipples into my mouth and with pursed lips I started to suck on it; my tongue reaching out in salute as I carried it across her tender skin. From inside she could feel her body swelling, her breath heightening to slow deep breaths that could be heard as she inhaled and exhaled. Her hands pulled me by my head to press against her bosom as I fondled them and skated my tongue on her nerve endings.

Quickly she bent her knees to be facing me in kneeling, I could look into her eyes and see diamonds as the sun reflected her love. She then lay down in the grass and I followed , leaning above her, I kissed her mouth. Again our lips entwined like lost lovers found anew. My kisses moved again to her neck and to her chest. Awhile my hands were stroking her arms and her breasts. With broad palms, they circled and covered the droplets of dew left by my tongue. I could feel her hips tense and rise from the ground as a slight wave waxed through her body. Soon I had found myself kissing her abdomen, I could sense the fragrance of her love as it rose to match mine. I could see the soft red plumage of her femininity, curling into an oasis of desire. I kissed where hair meets skin and skin meets hair; where thigh becomes hip. She moaned from deep within her and her hips rose to follow my mouth as it receded. Another wave waxed from her head unto her feet, and waned.

She moved her legs and directed my attention to her the parting of the petals of her flower. I pressed my tongue to her and licked her full. I took her bud into my mouth and caressed it with my tongue, swirling it about. I could feel it pulse in between my caressing lips as I drew back. Another moan escaped her, as deep as the previous as the waves became a constant ripple inside her. Her muscles were tightening despite her relaxation as inside her spirit moved in liquid motion. Separate from the rest of her, the muscles betwixt her thighs were responding unto themselves. Clearly a transfer from voluntary to involuntary movement had transpired. I continued licking her petals, occasionally darting my tongue inside her always to return to her floral bud and to kiss it gently, to caress it with my tongue, to nudge it with my lower lip.

Her movement became more rhythmic and with each strike of my tongue, she met me with a pressing of her hips. Her breathing had increased and was much more shallow, her gasps were intermittent as were her moans. She could feel the rising of the tide in its approach and was readying for herself. The ripples had inclined to waves again, but were fast and were crashing through her. My efforts increased in volume and in rapidity. My tongue was probing further inside her quicker, my upper lip was draping her bud with gentle strokes. She heaved a sigh and I took her bud full into my mouth, with my lips and my tongue, I drew upon her in mock sucking. Her hands clenched the grass beside her and she threw back her head. Her hips rose from the ground and attacked my mouth. The tide came without warning and was furious. A wave of two stories high swept through her body. She tensed to withstand it but she was able to only allow her breath to escape and the sound was the release of herself. The tide carried her away to the heavens and it became night with the stars, then slowly it set her down on the earth again.

After shocks of the tide continued through her body as her heart pounded; I was again kissing her about her navel as she lay in a trance, her breathing in long, slow, deep breaths. Her body was pulsing and as she lay with her eyes closed, she ran her fingers through my hair. She was even more beautiful than she had be before. Her face was aglow and tiny droplets of perspiration salted her skin, and the taste of her was in my mouth.

I was caressed her entire body with my hands, starting with her soft neck and drawing my hands down her body to her toes. Her body would rise from the ground following my hands. Using clever fingers, she was able to remove my clothing. She welcomed me to lay upon her and her mouth opened wide, letting out a quick breath as I entered her. Our hips were touching, I could feel her warmth surround me. I kissed her mouth, again our tongues were together. As I slowly slid in and out of her, I was kissing her neck. I started to nibble her ear lobe and her breathing increased once again. As she kissed me, our hips were moving in silent rhythm, each responding to the other. She was breathing into my mouth and her breath was like honey. Ripples inside her gave way to waves again. Increasing in their force as they sought to overcome her.

She rolled me onto my back and sat astride me, her hands placed upon my chest. I reached up and placed my palms onto her breasts and began a soft massage. Her nipples brushed against my palms sending electric current through her spine. Her hips were swaying as she hungrily took me inside her. She ground down upon me and my pelvis met, and matched, her movements. She increased her movements to prepare for the tide that was again hovering and threatening her. With each of her thrusts it came closer. Her body stood suspended inward and yet outward it became violent in tension. She let buckle her elbows and was lying on top me. I could feel her weight against me, her breasts close upon my chest. I circled my arms around her and held her firmly against me. I kissed her open mouth, biting her lips with mine. Her pelvis continued to thrust with quickening each time. She mover her hips up and down upon my shaft feeling it widen and fill her, shocks were sent through her, up to behind her eyes. She was moving her hips fast and the shocks became a continuous current amplifying with every second. The tide stood poised about her and with one thrust it fell like a thunder head onto her. This time it swept her further into the sky carrying her into the darkness. Her head had no feeling and from her eyes she could see a thousand rainbows in perfect harmony. A flute lighted in her ear and she left the giant wave to float upon its melody. Her body electric, she could feel the powers of the universe stirring inside her and emanating from her loin. Mist passed her as she return to her physical, which was slowing convulsions as her thighs tightened and loosed themselves. Then she lay relaxed upon me, as I too had climaxed. There we lay for some moments, basking in he warm sun.

As we lay in the sunshine, our bodies were touching. Our breathing shallow, we spoke not. I closed my eyes to the sun and I felt her kiss me then leave. I opened my eyes to find that in her place were the petals of a flower.

As night fell that day, I looked to the sky and I saw a flash crossing the sky, I knew it was her and that she would never return. I think of my goddess often and a longing for her fills my soul for she was my first and greatest love, though our time together was brief.

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