I received a shirt from you a while back.. I wanted to thank you..

Recently, in college, I've had trouble getting to sleep.. That awesomely soft shirt you gave me has worked very well in helping me sleep. I don't know if it is the softness factor or what, but I feel so cozy and comfy in it, it's amazing.

thank you again for your thoughtfulness,

I want to thank you for hosting such a fabulous page! I am in college and enjoy reading erotic fiction. Sometimes I read alone, other times I read with my roommate, other times with my boyfriend. I read some of your work and immediately bookmarked the page. I also insisted that each of those forementioned read some of your writings....

I have just finished visiting your web site. I loved it!!! I have been searching the web for "exactly" what you offer.

I predict you end up on a talkshow someday. by then you will be selling your shirts instead of giving them away. you will have groupies. and men all over the world will be insane with jealousy, but the smart ones will take lessons, and the women of the world will all be better for it!!

I am flattered as a woman that you have put up your page, as it shows your ultimate respect and admiration for the female species. as it should. that story about the bus ride is a trip.

Thank you for making the time and spending the effort to have it available to everyone - you're making the world a better place, and I feel honored (or do you spell it, 'honoured'?) after having sampled some of your offerings.

I'm looking forward to your published works. Please keep us informed!!

Your page is great !!! It is nothing special but a sensation of quieteness is coming out of it. I just had to tell you this.

I'm sitting here shaking my head...thinking you must have crawled into bed with me the other evening and I never noticed. How does that happen? How is it that a man can be so completely aware of a woman's responses during that most incredible of moments--the orgasm? I feel confident in saying that you are, indeed, a rarity. Your perception and communication of the most minute details is utterly amazing. Thank you for sharing them with me. It actually gives me a little bit of hope; perhaps there are more of you out here?


have just been visiting your" House of Borgia" I want to tell you that it's the best site I have had the pleasure of vistiting.

The reason for this email? I felt anyone who knew a musician who played the flute was a flautist, and not a flutist...deserved some sort of recognition.

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