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A few months ago a friend introduced me to a band called Belle and Sebastian and since the first time I heard them I was hooked. They are an 8 member orchestra creating music the world has been longing to hear for decades. Have a look at their website and if you can, I urge you to give them a listen because I am sure you'll be hooked too.

This is a link to where you can buy their cd's online at
their record company, Jeepster.

And now, the Vatican has its own website. Those colourful copying monks have come a very long way from illuminating manuscripts to this. Click on Mary Magdalene by Pompeo Girolamo Batoni for your cyber-audience with the Pope.

yOni ~ gateway to the feminine

A very well made e-zine.


Another very well made e-zine with very enjoyable articles.


The band that my friend Lily plays keyboards for.

Jethro Tull Music Archive

Arkady's Synthesis

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