My Introduction and Biography

Every now and then something happens in a person's life that is at once completely unbelievable and unlikely to ever happen again. For me one of these events was in the fall of 1996 when I was taking a two hour trip on a Greyhound. As the events I will describe were unfolding before me, and as I was witnessing them with my own eyes I still had difficulty believing that they were anything less than a dream. Keep in mind that this occured at 11:00 in the morning and not a single seat was empty on the bus.

As people were filing onto the bus and all the seats we being quickly taken up, a couple of older ladies with strong smelling perfume were milling about the empty seat beside me. I looked up and behind them was a younger women waiting to move toward the back of the bus. As our eyes met I signaled to her an invitation to the seat beside me and she quickly moved into to take it as the older ladies found places further on. I was reading a newspaper and yet out of the corner of my eye I was looking her over. She was about 22 or 23 years old, had brown hair and that was as much as I could gather at this point because she was wearing a heavy sweater and was seated. The bus started its journey and I was busy reading the paper.

I hadn't really paid much attention to my silent travelling companion as the bus made its way out of the city and onto the highway. I finished reading the paper and offered it to my companion in a gesture of politeness. She readily took the paper and proceeded to spread it across both our laps. As I could see now that she was not unattractive I certainly did not mind. She started leafing through the paper and as she turned the pages I could feel her hand brushing against my thigh. This certainly aroused my attention and I started to make notice of her movements. She became bolder with her page turning and I could feel her hand brush against the bulge that had formed in my jeans. She also started leaving her hand on my thigh as she waited to turn the page.

When she had finished reading the paper she returned it to me and I folded it and put it beneath my seat. She then removed her bulky sweater to become more comfortable and went to use the washroom at the back of the bus. It was then that I got to take a closer look at her and I was pleased to see as she stood that she had a very well formed ass that fit very nicely into her tight jeans. I watched her as she made her way toward the restroom facilities.

When she returned from the washroom she told me that she was going to take a nap. I watched her place her sweater across her lap and as she did so I noticed that her left hand had a very good grasp herself. With her sweater across her lap and both hands beneath it, I watched as she closed her eyes to take her nap. I was pretending to look out the window while keeping an eye on her movements. It was then that I first saw the her hands start to move, her eyes were only half shut now and she knew I was watching her. There was no mistaking what she was doing now as her hands were visibly kneading her crotch and her hips could be seen swaying and clenching as she was obviously enjoying herself. She was now leaning her head on my shoulder as her hands gained in speed in tune with her hips. Although she was not making any sounds her breathing was rapid and I was struck dumbfounded. Then she bit into my shoulder and her tongue came out of her mouth as she reached her climax. Then she laid her head on my until we pulled into the first stop of the trip. She awoke from her dozing and jumped off the bus for a well needed cigarette while the bus driver collected parcels.

When she returned to the bus she told me that she was going to finish her nap on a double seat that had been vacated. She laid down there and slept until the bus reached its final destination. The time that we sat beside each other was for a total of not more than 40 minutes. I have to say that even now as I write this (spring 1997) I still wonder if it really did happen or not.

I think it was this event that finalized my decision to put up this website and consider writing seriously. Previously I had written stories and it was only ever just for fun, despite having many times been encouraged to write by women I have known. It had gotten me thinking about feminine pleasure and how beautiful they are before, during and after an orgasm. So I will endeavour to continually put things on this site that women may find pleasing and I hope they enjoy their stays. I really do enjoy arousing women and could care less about arousing men. I will never put anything on this website that could be considered disrepectful to women.

I should also point out that I have encountered some plagarism of my writing on the internet and so I have decided that I will not put any completed stories on my web page until after they have been published (hopefully soon). So the stories that you read here are generally in the final draft stages. I am also considering providing MS Word 6 versions of my work at some point in case people want to print copies of my stories for themselves. If you are interested then e-mail me and I'll send you what I have so far.

So I really do hope you enjoy your stay here, if you want to know more about me, keep reading down.


***Previously I had comments here about how after 10,000 visits and then 25,000 visits I had not been hit on and that it was bumming me out. Those comments were in fact a joke directed towards a female friend who had a website and was constantly being propositioned by visitors to her site. I have been asked frequently about those comments and I feel they deserve an explanation. Now, after 50,000 visits to my site I have yet to be honestly propositioned, but fear not I am nowhere near jumping off a bridge.

Another question I am asked frequently is if the above story is true. Yes it is and I have related it accurately.

The other question I am asked often is if I have actually proposed marriage to the women on my "Women who have declined my marriage proposals" links pages. No I have not. Again those comments are directed at the same person who was constantly being hit on.

Any more questions? I haven't done a FAQ (frequently asked questions) because I only get asked those three.

My Birth: a momentous occasion for me...

In March of 1963 my parents welcomed the second of their four children at a hospital in the City of Montréal. For the non-math types, this makes me 34 years old at the time of writing.

My Youth: the shaping of a mind...

Very much an uneventful time spent blowing up frogs with firecrackers, building tree forts and being shunned by girls.

The Teen Years: the shaping of a mind slides downhill...

Developed a passion for books. Most of my time was spent reading, and skipping school. Still being shunned by girls.

The Young Adult (18-21): the shaping of a mind begins again...

Working for a living proves to be an interesting concept. Bulk of time is spent partying. Got kicked out by my parents for smoking a reefer. Struck out on my own. And still being shunned by girls who are now women. Start thinking about entering the seminary.

I'm an Adult Now (21-31): time to settle down...

Met a woman, fell in love, moved in together, got a really good stable white collar job, got married, bought a house, became a father.

Just when you think you are settled (31-34): starting over...

Got divorced, sold the house, see my child on weekends. Yet life has never been better. Very busy of late, lots to do. And women no longer shun me but find me very desirable.

More Information
Just in case there is one person out there who is wondering.

Physical Characteristics:

I'm 6' tall, 165 pounds with broad shoulders and small feet. I've dark blonde hair, blue-grey eyes, and wear glasses.


English is my mother tongue but I speak and read French fluently, writing French is something I was never good at.


The least romantic city in the world. It's about an hour's drive from Toronto and had a population of half a million people. It's the city where the men are assholes and the women like it, and the women are ugly and the men can't tell the difference. The only people who actually like this place are the people who grew up here. Anyone who comes here from somewhere else always seems to share my opinion.


Reading and writing. (hence the web page)

Oil painting and drawing with ink. (I'm not very good but I have enough
friends that I can impose my art on them for years before I have to worry about talent.)

Bookbinding. (I make leather hard cover books from scratch. Did I mention that I am really into books?)

Computers. (Where I spend way too much time. I have a PII 350MHz, 128 mg RAM, 6,4 gb HD, 24 bit colour scanner, 24 bit colour printer and a bunch of other really cool toys)

Influences on my Work:

Alexandre Dumas the true master of the romantic novel. He's responsible for The Three Musketeers and The Count of Monte Christo. My favorite author of all time.

Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull. His ability to play with words and transport the listener into his world have always fascinated me. Plus he's an excellent flautist.

Nicholas Poussin if only I could ever paint like him.

My Favorites – Authors:

Morris West, The Navigator, Harlequin, Clowns of God, Lazarus, Shoes of the Fisherman, etc.

Thomas B. Costain, The Silver Chalice, For My Great Folly, The Black
Rose, The Conquerors, The Magnificent Century, The Three Edwards, etc.

Charles Kingsley, Hypatia, Westward Ho!

My Favorites – Music:

Pink Floyd, need I say more?

Jethro Tull, but you knew that already.

Pat Metheny, great music, just plain great.

Yehudi Menuhin, I saw him perform live about 15 years ago, he's even
better than everyone says.

Kate Bush, I wonder if she's single?

My Favorites – Movies:

The Little Drummer Boy, after twenty years I still get teary-eyed.

Betty Blue, a French movie, a very moving love story. I also like the sound track by Gabriel Yared.

Monty Python's Holy Grail and The Life of Brian, the more you know about history the funnier these movies get.

Women – Turn Ons:

Intelligence, sense of humour, confidence, independence, gracefulness, small breasts, fleshy bottoms, dark hair and eyes.

Women – Turn Offs:

Lack of consideration for others, materialistic, self-centred, arrogant, dishonest or untrustworthy.


My goal is to someday be able to write for a living. My immediate plans are to publish a collection of my erotic short stories. Then some erotic novels and historical fiction. I'd also like to write some screen plays for adult movies, but they would be the type for the couples audience so there would be an actual story and none of the actresses would wear high heels to bed.

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