I've always thought that the sexiest lingerie was something in which the wearer was the most comfortable. So many women I know sleep in a baggy T-shirt. I've decided to give away free T-shirts to visitors at this site on an occasional basis. Originally I was only going to send out 8 but requests keep coming so I've decided to keep giving them away.

If you would like one, send me an e-mail. The only requirements are that you must be over 18, a woman, and you must like my site. There aren't any strings attached.

The T-shirt/nightshirt is 100% cotton and comes in either large or extra-large. It is white and has my logo over the left breast. The logo measures 1.5 x 4.75 inches. Shameless self-promotion? You betcha! It's my way of thanking visitors to my site.

When I first came up with the idea I have to admit that it was a gimmick. I've never denied this at any point. As I learned more about women's sleeping habits I have come to some conclusions and I am now looking into opening a boutique dedicated to the sensual and romantic pleasures of women. I am still in the planning stages of this and the future looks good. I'll keep you informed of the progress as I make some.

* * * A bit of an update.....the place where I was getting the nightshirts from went out of business and I have to find a new supplier. So right now I have suspended sending out jammies. After the new year I should be able to source out a new supplier and I'll send them out then. Also in the new year the boutique concept should move forward considerably.

So far nightshirts have been sent to:

Jessica in New Mexico

Vicki in Pennsylvania

Jennifer in Pennsylvania

Chelsea in Ontario

Lisa in Ontario

Amy in Ohio

Diane in Indiana

Joy in Tennessee

Gail in Ontario

Glenda in Ontario

Lena in California

Victoria in California

Rachel in The Netherlands

Two were sent near the Atlantic Ocean.

Kelly in Ontario

Theresa in Ontario

Christine in Florida

Kelly in Florida

Theresa in Washington

Tiffany in Ontario

Another Lisa in Ontario

Two were sent to ladies in Michigan.

Heather in Texas

Leah in Arkansas

Jasmine in Colorado

Jane in Georgia

Tyler in Georgia

Two complete strangers in a karaoke bar.

Victoria in Florida

Lisa in Michigan

Susan in Ontario

Dianna in Ontario

Christine in Ontario

Karen in Wisconsin

Jane in Washington

Christina in North Dakota

Brenda in Minnesota

Bee in British Columbia

Alyssa in Idaho

Jessica in Georgia

Diane in Michigan

Adrienne in California

Shannon in Delaware

Dawn in Alberta

Delauna in Texas

Helen in New York

Mary-Jane in Massachusetts

Cynthia in California

Brittany in Texas

G. in the U.K.

Tarcy in Malaysia

Regenia in South Carolina

Kim in Texas

Gretchen in New York

Karen in Australia

Someone who will only find out on Christmas morning.

Total Sent: 60

Many thanks to Christine (Florida) for allowing me to post these pictures.

Visit Christine's HouseWife Cam site.

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