Welcome!  Alora's Haven has become centre for many new paths.  The original Grove still resides here but has been joined by the Kawartha Wind Symphony, and the Confederation Remembers project.  Chose one of the titles below to enter the path you wish to explore.

Confederation Remembers was created to archive the stories of local war veterans.  Students from an elementary school in Ontario interviewed several seniors and their stories have been placed here.  Additional research into the Liberation of Holland, and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier are also featured here.  The teacher leading this project was recognized with the Peterborough Historical Society's Samuel Armour Award in April of 2001.

The Kawartha Wind Symphony Family consists of the adult Wind Symphony group and the junior StarFire Band consisting of students from grade 8-OAC.  This unique arrangement allows for interplay between the adult musicians and the up and coming generations.  Discussions regarding musical choices throughout the year as well as information regarding performances, band camps and other activities are posted regularily.  This site strives to become another part in the musical education of band students as well as beginning conductors and music educators.

The Grove was the original site.  It still resides here in it's original form.  A repository of links, both mundane and esoteric, the Grove provides items of interest for those that enjoy a free form wander among CyberSpace.  Updates, which have been non-exisitent for over a year, will now commence again with new links added over the coming months.  Although the design skills utilized in the original site are vastly improved, the decision has been made to keep the background and organization of the site the same to pay homage to the past.

Future plans will see new pathways pass through Alora's Haven.  Soon to come...The Hidden Garden

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