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This site is devoted to all those who flew in the Normandy Campaign -- 6 June 1944 through 28 August 1944 -- and particularly to one group of Canadian airmen, the pilots and ground crew of 127 Wing consisting of 403 Squadron, 416 Squadron, 421 Squadron and (after 14 July) 443 Squadron. In addition there is information regarding my two books "Angels Eight -- Normandy Air War Diary" and "Joe's Letters". And then there is some information regarding my brother F/L Frank Joel Clark, killed in an aerial collision while on patrol near Caen one week after D-Day

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Normandy Air Campaign -- 6 June to 28 August 1944
Allied fighters and medium bombers lost 1637
German fighters and medium bombers lost 1522
Total Allied aircraft lost (incl. heavy bombers) 4101
Total USAAF and RAF personnel lost 16,674
Total Allied sorties flown 389,400

The day-by-day action of the Allied air forces and the Luftwaffe, recording the major air battles and itemizing the over 3,000 aircraft lost. Also, follow the action of a wing of RCAF Spitfires throughout the Normandy Campaign.
One of those killed in action in Normandy was F/L Frank Clark. Little was known of him until photographs turned up (those on this site) and in 2004 over 50 letters written to his best friend, brought this young pilot into the open -- much to the delight of his brother and the son who never knew him.

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