421 RCAF Squadron
Photo courtesy of Al Brandon
Back row; Grigg, Grant, Gilmour, Clark, Smith, Patterson, Johnson, Conrad,
McElroy, Zary, Warfield, Tetroe, Murray, Wilson.
Front row; Thorne, Curry, McRoberts, Stronach, Bamford, Driver, Drope, Brandon,
Saunders, Calvert, Cook. Missing is Gimbel.

The photo above was taken at RAF Station Tangmere in East Sussex on the first of June 1944. Of the twenty-seven pilots identified above, Saunders and Gimbel left in the next couple of days, leavingy twenty-five pilots on the roster of 421 Squadron the morning of the Normandy Invasion, 6 June 1944.

Start Date Wing and Station Commander
9-Apr-42 12 Group, Digby Lincolnshire S/L F W Kelly
3-May-42 10 Group, Fairwood Common South Wales S/L F W Kelly
8-Oct-42 new commander S/L F C Willis
15-Oct-42 10 Group, Angle South Wales S/L F C Willis
17-Nov-42 new commander S/L F C Willis KIA 8-Nov replaced by S/L F E Green
29-Jan-43 11 Group, Kenley Surrey S/L F E Green
23-Mar-43 Kenley Wing, Redhill Surrey S/L F E Green
13-Apr-43 new commander S/L J D Hall
17-May-43 Kenley Wing, Kenley Surrey S/L J D Hall
17-Jun-43 new commander S/L P L Archer KIA 17-Jun replaced by S/L R W McNair
7-Aug-43 127 Airfield, Lashenden Kent S/L R W McNair
20-Aug-43 127 Airfield, Headcorn Kent S/L R W McNair
14-Oct-43 127 Airfield, Kenley Surrey S/L R W McNair
17-Oct-43 new commander S/L C M Magwood
13-Dec-43 new commander S/L J F Lambert
20-Dec-43 S/L J F Lambert KIA replaced by S/L W A Conrad 1-Jan-44
18-Apr-44 127 Wing, Tangmere West Sussex S/L W A Conrad
16-Jun-44 127 Wing, B.2 Bazenville Normandy S/L W A Conrad
28-Jul-44 new commander S/L W A Prest
28-Aug-44 127 Wing, B.26 Iliers l'Eveque Normandy S/L W L Prest
22-Sep-44 127 Wing, B.68 Beauvechain Belgium S/L W L Prest
1-Oct-44 127 Wing, B.82 Grave Netherlands S/L W L Prest
23-Oct-44 127 Wing, B.58 Melsbroek Belgium S/L W L Prest
3-Nov-44 127 Wing, B.56 Evere Belgium S/L W L Prest
23-Nov-44 new commander S/L J D Browne
2-Mar-45 127 Wing, B.90 Petit Brogel Belgium S/L J D Browne
31-Mar-45 127 Wing, B.78 Eindhoven Netherlands S/L J D Browne
11-Apr-45 127 Wing, B.100 Goch Germany S/L J D Browne
13-Apr-45 127 Wing, B.114 Diepholz Germany S/L J D Browne
28-Apr-45 127 Wing, B.154 Reinsehlen Germany S/L J D Browne
2-Jul-45 127 Wing, B.152 Fassberg Germany S/L J D Browne
7-Jul-45 127 Wing, B.174 Utersen Germany S/L J D Browne
11-Jul-45 squadron disbanded

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