443 RCAF Squadron
Canadian Forces Photo PL 31094

There is no available squadron photo of 443 Squadron, but this picture shows their leader S/L Wally McLeod meeting AM Breadner at B.2 in August 1944. Left to right W/C MacBrien, Breadner, S/L Ed Wood (partly hidden), S/L Johnny McElroy, S/L Bill Prest, McLeod, F/L Andy MacKenzie, F/L Doug Lindsay.

Start Date Wing and Station Commander
8-Feb-44 12 Group, Digby Lincolnshire S/L H W McLeod
18-Mar-44 144 Airfield, Holmsley South Hampshire S/L H W McLeod
27-Mar-44 144 Airfield, Hutton-Cranswick Yorkshire S/L H W McLeod
8-Apr-44 144 Airfield, Westhamptnet Sussex S/L H W McLeod
22-Apr-44 144 Airfield, Funtington Sussex S/L H W McLeod
15-May-44 144 Wing, Ford Sussex S/L H W McLeod
15-Jun-44 144 Wing, B.3 Ste Croix-sur-Mer Normandy S/L H W McLeod
14-Jul-44 127 Wing, B.2 Bazenville Normandy S/L H W McLeod
28-Aug-44 127 Wing, B.26 Iliers l'Eveque Normandy S/L H W McLeod
22-Sep-44 127 Wing, B.68 Beauvechain Belgium S/L H W McLeod
28-Sep-44 S/L McLeod KIA 27-Sep-44 replaced by S/L Art Sager
1-Oct-44 127 Wing, B.82 Grave Netherlands S/L Art Sager
23-Oct-44 127 Wing, B.58 Melsbroek Belgium S/L Art Sager
3-Nov-44 127 Wing, B.56 Evere Belgium S/L Art Sager
2-Mar-45 127 Wing, B.90 Petit Brogel Belgium S/L Art Sager
31-Mar-45 127 Wing, B.78 Eindhoven Netherlands S/L Art Sager
11-Apr-45 127 Wing, B.100 Goch Germany S/L Larry Robillard
28-Apr-45 127 Wing, B.152 Fassberg Germany S/L Larry Robillard
21-Mar-46 squadron disbanded

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